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James Wilson Talks The Martial Arts Kid 2

Producer James Wilson sits down with The Action Elite and chats with Dan Templegod about the development of The Martial Arts Kid 2. Recently, The Martial Arts Kid fight choreographer James Lew won an emmy for Luke Cage, he will return to choreograph part 2! Saw the meeting you had with Emmy winner James Lew, […]


New Trailer for Cops and Robbers

The edge-of-your-seat thriller Cops and Robbers, starring action legends Michael Jai White, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, and Oscar® nominee Tom Berenger (1986, Best Supporting Actor, Platoon), arrives on DVD, Digital, and On Demand December 12 from Lionsgate. When Michael (Michael Jai White), a police hostage negotiator, returns to the force following a leave of absence, he […]


Death Race: Beyond Anarchy Trailer

No Luke Goss or Jason Statham this time but it does have Zach McGowan, Danny Glover, and Danny Trejo who star in this next installment of the Death Race series. On Blu-ray combo pack, DVD, Digital and On Demand January 30, 2018.


First Trailer for 24 Hours to Live

I’ve always liked Ethan Hawke. he has never been afraid of doing something different and now he’s trying his hand at a John Wick style actioner. This is even from the same producers so expect bodies to drop faster than the temperature in a Canadian winter. Plot: 24 Hours to Live follows a career assassin […]


Isabel Lucas Interview on The Osiris Child

Isabel Lucas has had a diverse career with roles in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, The Water Diviner, The Loft and Immortals to name but a few. Her latest role is in the sci-fi epic The Osiris Child which is out now. Isabel chatted with us about the movie and her character.   Your latest movie […]

Sci-Fi Action

Beyond Skyline (2017) Review

Plot: A tough-as-nails detective embarks on a relentless pursuit to free his son from a nightmarish alien warship. Review: The original Skyline came out back in 2010 and was met with a lukewarm reception at best by critics and audiences alike. When a sequel was announced called Beyond Skyline I think we were all asking […]



Expendables 4 Starts Filming this Fall!

I know you probably think I’m making this up but no, The Arnold Fans let us know that Randy Couture has confirmed that The Expendables 4 will begin filming this fall. No word on who will be joining the cast this time arou...
by Eoin Friel


Boyd Holbrook to Take on ‘The Predator’

A few months back it was discussed that Benicio Del Toro was going to be signing on as the lead in the highly anticipated Shane Black sequel (not reboot) ‘The Predator’. Well, sadly it looks like Del Toro will not b...
by Eoin Friel



New Grudge Match Trailer

This movie looks like a lot of fun and has a few sly jabs (sorry) at Rocky; especially in the last few seconds of the trailer. I hope the movie is a big hit or at least bigger than Escape Plan was as Sly is one of the hardest w...
by Eoin Friel


Short Film: BMW’s The Escape

Clive Owen finally returns as The Driver in the new short film The Escape directed by Neill Blomkamp (Chappy/District 9) which you can now watch below. The film also stars Jon Bernthal and Dakota Fanning and after watching it j...
by Eoin Friel



Celebrating 25 Years of Batman Returns

Being the obsessive Batfan that I am I thought tonight I would pay tribute to the Tim Burton classic Batman Returns which is 25 years old today. At the time of release back in 1992 I think a lot of people didn’t quite kno...
by Eoin Friel


New After Earth Poster & Trailer

Will Smith is back in M. Night Shyamalan’s sc-fi actioner After Earth and here’s the new trailer. I have to say it isn’t grabbing me. What the hell kinda accent is that he’s meant to be doing? Anyway, ch...
by Eoin Friel


by Eoin Friel


Sharlto Copley Will Go “Hardcore”

Y’all remember that sweet music video that we showed over at our Facebook page earlier this year. You don’t?!!! Here’s a refresher:   Pretty sweet, isn’t it? Well it seems like this music video has ...
by Omar



Cool Videos: Behind the Scenes of Predator

John McTiernan’s Predator is just one of the best action movies of all time, that’s just a fact. The tension, the atmosphere, the music and the cast are all at the top of their game. But how was such a classic put t...
by Eoin Friel


Trailer for the Ben-Hur Remake

Here we have the trailer to the upcoming remake of Ben-Hur… because everyone wanted one… PLOT: BEN-HUR is the epic story of Judah Ben-Hur (Jack Huston), a prince falsely accused of treason by his adopted brother Mes...
by Eoin Friel



Titanic (1997) Movie Review

Genre: ,
Actor: ,

The Verdict: 4.5 / 5 - Essential
by Stephen Ball


The Thing (1982) Review


The Verdict: 5 / 5 - A Classic!
by Eoin Friel



Celebrating 10 Years of Casino Royale

In the history of the film industry there are certain movies and characters that are destined to become iconic. The tastes of the public are constantly changing so stories need to adapt to the times to remain relevant. The mid...
by admin


What’s the Next Action Franchise?

Well, it looks like The Expendables are done (for now) and things look quiet for the foreseeable future in terms of old-school action. But surely there has to be SOME upcoming actioners that could have franchise potential? Why ...
by Eoin Friel