Review: This is the second script I’ve received for a 6th Die Hard film and so far both are far superior to the most recent entry in the series. Only the Good Die Hard may sound like an ad for Viagra but it actually has our trusty hero John McClane going undercover in prison where things quickly go awry and he ends up fighting for his life as only he knows how.

What I like about this one is the lack of the comic relief sidekick; it really feels like a true sequel to the first movie and some of it even takes place in Nakatomi Plaza. It’s tense and has a sense of threat right from the start.

It would be Hard R as McClane wipes out bad guys violently and swears constantly so he actually feels like the character we know and love. The only thing I would say is that it could use a little more McClane humour like him talking to himself and saying a few more wisecracks but aside from that this is solid stuff.

There are some interesting plot twists and the action is more realistic and really would be a fitting end to the series.

We get the return of Holly, Al Powell and Dick Thornburg but what was a nice twist was that it’s almost a redemption tale for Dick and he gets to be the hero, which I thought was a nice piece of character development.

It doesn’t overdo any self-referential humour either which always helps and the ending sounds like it could be rather spectacular as well.

Writer Craig McInnes clearly is a fan of the series and understands what makes McClane tick so I would love to see this spec script become a reality. He suggested that Christoph Waltz or Benedict Cumberbatch would be the perfect choice for the villain and I’d have to agree.

Overall, Only the Good Die Hard is a hugely entertaining script and would finish the tale of John McClane on a high note which we frankly all deserve after the 5th movie.

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Eoin Friel
Eoin Friel
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