Review: If ever there’s a show that has slowly diminished in quality it’s Arrow; it started off so well and Manu Bennett’s Deathstroke stole the show for the first two seasons.

Sadly once he left you can’t help but get the feeling that they have struggled to make it as interesting. Season 3 was basically a rip-off of Batman Begins and the finale of Season 4 was just another rip off of The Dark Knight Rises.

The tedious “Ollicity” crap has been going on longer than it ever should have and what started out as a dark and intense superhero show has become a dull soap opera with annoying characters. Felicity has become one of the most irritating people on TV up there with Abby from NCIS and for a while there I was nearly going to stop watching.

The saving grace for this season has been Neal McDonough as the villain Damien Darhk; he was suitably nasty but he also brought a sharp wit to proceedings which elevated the show from being unwatchable. I liked how he wasn’t a complete monster and loved his family despite his grand evil scheme. The best scene of this season was between Lance and Darhk when Lance asks for advice when Sarah is brought back to life. It’s a surprisingly human moment and was nicely written.

There were a few dramatic moments like the death of a major character which I actually didn’t see coming; it was just a shame that I never cared about that character in any way.

I never liked the whole Team Arrow thing either and preferred when he was on a lone crusade; also what happened to his dad’s book? Did I miss that?

Am I the only person who can’t understand anything Paul Blackthorne’s Captain/Detective/Whatever Lance says? He just mutters everything and sounds out of breath all the time.

I still like Stephen Amell and he does the best he can with what he’s given but he did say that the show should only go on for 5 seasons and I would have to agree.

There is plenty of action still but the fight scenes look far too choreographed and are more unintentionally funny than anything taking away any kind of realism.

Also, enough with the flashbacks! Nobody likes them! They were fine for two seasons but now they are intrusive and annoying.

Going back to The Dark Knight Rises style ending; it’s a shame it was so underwhelming as the ambition was there but when you’re redirecting hundreds of nuclear missiles into space it would be cool to actually see them blow up. It just showed the series has a limited budget making it lack a truly explosive finale.

Overall, I can’t even be bothered talking about it any more but Season 4 of Arrow was pretty poor, only redeemed by a fun villain and Stephen Amell’s likability. With Season 5 hopefully they can get rid of the soap opera bullshit and have the Green Arrow become a badass again.

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