American Siege (2022) Review

Below Average


American Siege has some decent performances from the supporting cast but it lacks action or excitement for the first half. Bruce Willis needs to give it up as I think any goodwill audiences have towards him has long gone.

Plot: Washed-up Sheriff Ben Watts (Bruce Willis) guards the secrets of the wealthy residents of a small Georgia town. When three outlaws take a prominent town doctor hostage in search of a missing woman, Sheriff Watts is called in to handle the situation before the FBI arrives. In a race against time, mayor Charles Routledge (Timothy V. Murphy) pressures Sheriff Watts to launch an assault on the hostage-takers and to eliminate all witnesses. When the Sheriff realizes he may be a pawn in a larger scheme, he must carve a bloody warpath to expose the truth behind the town’s dark secrets.

Review: Another day another Bruce Willis film; this week it’s American Siege which to be fair is actually not too bad. As with many of Willis’ recent output he is sadly the weakest link sleepwalking through his line delivery but he does at least show some emotion here including laughing which we don’t see him do much these days. It’s hard to believe this is the same guy from The Last Boy Scout and Die Hard but age changes us all, I guess; he apparently showed up for one day and it shows.

American Siege has Willis play a Sheriff of a small rural Georgia town who has to contend with a gang of thieves who have taken a wealthy doctor hostage but is all as it seems? This has a few unpredictable elements and the rest of the cast do a decent job especially Anna Hindman as Grace Baker who is believably angry at the world for the death of her sister.

Jesse Johnson regular Timothy V. Murphy brings menace to the corrupt Charles Rutledge and the scene where he is screaming at Willis’ Sheriff for being a drunken failure is one of the best pieces of acting in the film.

In terms of action we get a few shoot outs and there are several bloody kills but there’s nothing really that stands out so it’s not something I plan on watching again.

Director Edward Drake has worked with Willis before on Cosmic Sin and Apex but of the three movies this is the best.

It’s funny while watching this I was reminded of an earlier Willis film called The Siege where he starred alongside Denzel Washington which remains underrated and is the kind of movie will likely not see Willis in again.

Overall, American Siege has some solid performances and a relatively engaging story; it’s too bad Willis phones it in again but I’ve seen plenty worse than this.