Strike Back: Season 1 (2010) Review

Plot: The actions of ‘Section 20’, a secretive unit of the British Secret Intelligence Service. A team of spies conduct several high risk missions throughout the globe.

Review: If you’re a fan of Hard R old school action then you’ll love Strike Back. Every episode is fully loaded with shoot-out outs, ‘splosions and buddy banter galore. There is also more sex than I’ve seen in any other show, like…ever. It does get pretty gratuitous in places and it just feels like they are doing it for shock value, so by the 3rd episode you won’t even notice, you’ll be be like “oh, another bum!”

The only other thing that bugs me about the show is the fact that the two main protagonists are pretty unsympathetic. Philip Winchester & Sullivan Stapleton are perfectly cast in their respective roles and are clearly enjoying themselves.

The theme tune has the line “This ain’t no place for no hero” after all, so you get the point that these are pretty sleazy guys and that this is a world where decency doesn’t belong. The fact that Stonebridge (The English one) cheats on his wife with one of his co-workers says a lot and after we find that out I didn’t care what happened to him.

The performances are all excellent though and despite the character flaws you do still kinda root for them because they are so good at kicking ass.

The first two episodes are essentially Die Hard in a hotel which is what the recent Die Hard sequels could/should have been. Strike Back not only has plenty of action but it’s extremely tense in places too.

The final episode is a race against time as the two “heroes” try to find some VX gas which is going to be unleashed by the season’s “Big Bad” Latif, played to perfection by Jimi Mistry. I like how Latif is a really nasty guy but he is passionate about his cause and essentially is doing what he feels is best for his country.

Despite the sleaze Strike Back is the best action show on television with some great set-pieces and fabulous international locations. It’s essentially an R rated Bond.