Sue Me! I Love Swordfish (2001)

Plot: There exists a world within our world. A world beneath what we call cyberspace. A world protected by firewalls, passwords and the most advanced security systems. In this world we hide our deepest secrets, our most incriminating information, and of course, a whole lot of money. This is the world of “Swordfish.” The world’s most dangerous spy is hired by the CIA to coerce a computer hacker recently released from prison to help steal $6 billion in unused government funds.

I was watching some trashy entertainment TV show a while back and they interviewed someone who said Swordfish was one of the worst films of all time. First of all, this dickhead clearly hasn’t watched many movies as there are plenty of terrible movies out there… and this isn’t one of them. It didn’t get amazing reviews when it came out, sitting at 26% on Rotten Tomatoes but audiences seemed to enjoy it and it’s one of the last decent movies John Travolta was in.

Swordfish has John Travolta on sparkling form as a mysterious Eurotrash inspired “villain” with his hilarious hairdo and flashy sports cars where he is out to save the world from terrorists, despite the fact he just might be one too. Halle Barry also gives a revealing performance in one of her best roles… ever and you’re never quite sure whose side she is on.

I also loved the techno-inspired soundtrack by Paul Oakenfold and even after several years I still listen to it regularly; the score also works well and adds to the excitement during the climactic action sequence in LA.

The visual style is colourful and bright and I thought the story was unpredictable with well executed action scenes. The opening scene building up to the explosion is superb and I love the ridiculous finale with the bus being flown through the city smashing through buildings.

Hugh Jackman gave a very sympathetic performance although his character does some unbelievably stupid things at times. For example, when they are robbing the bank and he decides to screw the bad guys over at the last minute thus endangering the life of his child; I found that very hard to swallow and it took me out of the story a little.

Aside from that I still have a blast with the movie; so Sue Me! I love Swordfish and if you don’t then I guess I’ll see your ass in court.