10 Action Stars Who Should Lead Their Own Men-on-a-Mission Film

In the age where everyone is trying to unleash their next Man on Fire, Taken or Expendables worthy flick, many have yet to be the main star leading a battalion of troopers into battle against endless enemies. I took it upon myself to conjure up the ten best potentials who have yet to do a well-done decent Action-War flick worthy of their talents.

Let’s take off now!

10. Karl Urban

Yes, he was in Lord of the Rings, Star Trek reboots and even Doom but he needs something non-sci-fi epic related. Give him a viking epic or a prison escape adventure. Better yet, put him in a film trilogy where he’s the leader of a SWAT team fighting deadly robbers and crooked cops! If recent entries like Bent are anything, they’re legit proof. All I know is the dude is more Thor than the actual actor playing Thor (what was her name again?).


9. Kiefer Sutherland

The Kief has mastered the art of conquering our TV screens as federal agent Jack Bauer on the mega-hit that was 24 but then he got to be the freakin’ POTUS on Designated Survivor (which was also cool). He’s also been in some good war/western films like Forsaken, A Soldier’s Sweetheart, To End All Wars and the Young Guns films. I’ve already seen what he can do in videogame franchises like Call of Duty and Metal Gear Solid so what the hell can he not be in a big-screen picture filled with dynamite stunts, knife fights and gunplay?


8. Clive Owen

Clive is another underused face who on occasion has been in some neat crowdpleasers but I’m tired of him being the dramatic lead or the demented villain? Someone write him a part that allows him to play a main badass uncovering a assassination. How about a buddy film with him and Gerard Butler?


7. Angelina Jolie

Another talent who unfortunately seems to be doing career security type gigs much like The Rock does far too often in recent years. I’m not denying her solid resume as a filmmaker but after making a cool impression in some hit serial killer, adventure and spy films, why is she not trying to have at least a final farewell?

6. Scott Adkins

Alright, the master ninja himself! He’s got the skills and the credentials but each time he’s been in a men-on-a-mission film like Triple Threat, Expendables 2, Special Forces or Jarhead 3, he’s hardly been the lead despite displaying some notable moves in those respective films. If he can dig around at the next ActionFest or festival convention, he needs to tackle the first commando film he sees and give it a go!

5. Forest Whitaker

Another beyond reliable presence and martial artist who should totally tackle a doomed paratrooper film or historical adventure. Sure, Platoon was years ago but anyone who’s seen him in A Dark Truth knows he still has it. He’s already owned the various crime and mystery pictures and he’s already been in enough scifi, why not give him his next award-winning role only this time he does more than chew scenery and give a speech? Imagine The Last King of Scotland only in a visceral, exciting Blood Diamond way??

4. Dolph Lundgren

Yes, he’s been in war pictures before but rarely has he lead a consistent team of mercs on-screen. Unfortunately, other than classics like Men of War (it is indeed an excellent film, haters!), he hasn’t really had much other than a few Taken and Expendables cash-ins which is a dirty shame. This picture above is from War Pigs and if anything he could redo that film with a better cast and make sure it’s actually good this time!

3. Don “The Dragon” Wilson

Badasse O.G.s like Olivier Gruner, Luke Goss and Fred Williamson had all had their turns and done us many solids but I must insist that we, the audience, are ready for someone like The Dragon to take that throne. He’s done a few combat films but mainly just brutal or low-brow films involving him fighting assassins, spies, killer robots and underground fighters instead of just straight up mentoring and leading a battalion of soldiers.

He has the credentials so now he just needs the material. I know many in the low-budget film circuit praise him so all I can ask is that if you want to make a neat film for us viewers to seek out on Amazon Prime, Vudu or Tubi, then please, I beg of you, get this mofo in your movie, film it with your friends and reign hell on our TV screens!

2. Frank Grillo

Grillo has been in your big screens, small screens and internet screens. He gets love but not a lot more overdue love. He’s got the flexible-to-work-with persona and neat creativity working for him but he still needs a film that could leave everyone breathless while surprisingly overtake the pretentious IMDb Top 250 list. There’s countless true life stories out there so you can’t tell me that the big-wig execs can’t find a historical hostage thriller or rescue mission for him to be part of. Who else has Tom Cruise level talent better than Tom Cruise himself?

1. Denzel Washington

Denzel’s been in numerous genres and already done more than enough authority figure roles to spare. He’s still in good looking shape and has endless personas to share but yet everyone seems to only want to see him in a Crimson Tide, Training Day or Man on Fire type role instead. Enough already as he’s mastered those! Give him his own Saving Private Ryan, Wild Geese or Tears of the Sun level entry! He’s raised the bar for movies but these would easily skyrocket past as there’s no limit to Denzel’s stellar nature!