5 Amazing Sci-Fi Movies to Watch

If you’re interested in the future, you’ll want to watch some sci-fi movies. These genres cover a variety of subjects and can make you think about the possibilities of human existence. A sci-fi movie is a fictional work that describes the future and its implications. It’s an ideal genre for anyone interested in technology or the future. If you enjoy watching movies about the future, you may even be interested in seeing some of these films.

Here are some Amazing examples of Sci-Fi Movies

With a wide variety of options at their disposal, there’s no wonder that the sci-fi genre fans won’t pledge on any $200 million budget Hollywood production. While they’re sleek, smart, fast-paced, and filled with astonishing special effects, the lack of scientific accuracy can make the film look incomplete for the genre’s aficionados. If you have a largу number of college assignments, you can ask for essay writing help and professionals will complete all your tasks and you can devote more time to watching your favorite movies. If you’re looking for something more realistic movie, then here are 5 amazing titles that people are watching on Internet TV.

Serenity (2005)

Perhaps the most common mistake repeated by countless sci-fi movies is allowing sound in space. Space is a vacuum and sound can’t travel through it. The directors of Serenity and Firefly aimed to avoid this as much as possible in their productions and if anything blew up in space, it did so silently. You might argue that in the final battle of Serenity that took place in space there was sound. However, it wasn’t in space, but in the planet’s upper atmosphere so there was sufficient air pressure to allow sound propagation.

The Alien series

What impresses the most about Alien is the Xenomorph’s unexpectedly detailed life cycle. Despite its aberrant appearance, the Xeno’s life cycle is made to resemble that of many insects and parasites found in nature. Therefore, the transition from egg to face-hugger that bursts out of the host’s chest and begins life in its most recognizable form can also be observed in nature. Disregarding the fact that an organism can’t grow that large in such a short timeframe, Xeno is an authentic creature with very realistic behavior.

Oblivion (2013)

Even though Oblivion’s producer has been criticized for stealing elements from older sci-fi movies, you can’t help but notice that Joseph Kosinski brings up some legit contemporary concerns, such as the drone machines that act out of accordance. The director worked with several scientists from NASA’s JLP and researched the ideas that he intended to introduce in the film thoroughly before shooting. For starters, he plays with the concept of colonizing Titan, Saturn’s biggest moon. Even though the Titan project is overshadowed by the idea of colonizing Mars, for now, Saturn’s moon is considered one of the strongest candidates for a future space colony.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

One of the most brilliant surreal films in the history of cinema, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind bases its storyline on the compartmentalization of memories. With the cherished life moments safely stored separately in the brain, it could be possible to identify the painful ones in the neural network and erase them precisely. Although humanity is currently not able to perform a procedure similar to the one Joel undergoes, putting it into practice is theoretically plausible.

Primer (2004)

Even though it’s not as popular as many mediocre Hollywood blockbusters, Primer constitutes one of the most challenging sci-fi movies ever made. It’s as close to an authentic concept as we’re going to get because it trades the special effects for an objective examination of time travel. After all, if mankind will discover time travel one day, it will surely not come in the form of a flashy gadget but will most likely be a machine made of common components and wires.