7 Must-See Movies Before Travelling to a New Place

It is not just about packing your bags, setting up a VPN for protection, and purchasing plane tickets when it comes to getting ready for a vacation. However, it’s an entirely different mindset and, especially if the place is unfamiliar to you; your inner attitude dictates the entire trip. Therefore, travel movies may make you feel better.

We have created a list of 7 travel movies for your family travel destinations!

From cross-continent trips to documentaries that look at tourists’ experiences on nine various continents, these films are sure to evoke curiosity, excitement, give advice for fantastic forms of travel, and equip you for whatever you can encounter on your journey.


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1.   Into the wild

Undoubtedly one of my favorite greatest films! The joy of youth, scenery, emotional intimacy and excitement are all captured in this trip. It will strike you dumbfounded and in admiration of the young person’s courage and sheer guts as he heads out to abandon all modern comforts and live off the wilderness in Alaska for months.

While it may not make you want to go to Alaska for days and days, it will surely make you want to explore and get out of a technology-driven culture.

The aspirations that protagonist Chris McCandless strives for are utopian, yet they may be incorporated into our trips or daily lives in some tiny manner.


2.   The motorcycle diaries

A great movie that is a true homage to South America. One will undoubtedly dream of the continent all in the first half an hour. The camerawork is breathtaking, and it is an excellent homage to both the region and the cameraman’s abilities!

The film follows Che Guevara with his best buddy on a motorbike ride across Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Venezuela when he was a young fellow. The performance is outstanding, and it is a joy to see.

Begin preparing to be energized and willing to embark on a South American adventure. Why wouldn’t you get started…?


3.   Wild


This book-based movie by Cheryl Straned follows one lady on her adventure over the Pacific Crest Route. She hiked 1,100 kilometers along the path that runs along the Western Coast of the United States.

It, like Tracks, inspires you to escape the home comforts and embark on a journey that will test you. Following reading the novel, your highest viewed websites will be all about obstacles and how you could hike the PCT.

After seeing this gripping narrative, I bet you will be pumped and eager to go. Whether you are willing to try something new, consider volunteering for ten weeks in a state so far apart from your home that you will think you have walked on the moon.


4.   The endless summer

This documentary is a genuine surfer film, so if there is one thing that would make you like to wander and experience the world, it is having watched two “surfing men” scour the globe for the most delicate waves.

Not only would it make you yearn for the sea, but the fascinating local individuals they contact along the route will bring you an indication of who you might anticipate encountering on the trips and demonstrate how diverse life can be on the roads.


5.   Lost in translation

We are adding to our library of classics. The tale of a fading film star and a lonely young girl in Japan who creates an unexpected friendship is told in Lost in Translation.

This film immerses viewers in the culture of Japan via the eyes of somebody unfamiliar with its customs. It deals with the difficulties of not knowing a language, customs, or region. If you are going to a nation with a lot of differences, it is an excellent watch to have. It will serve as a helpful guideline to many of the feelings and challenges you may face.



6.   Tracks

Are you planning a solo vacation intending to discover yourself and return with a plethora of adventures and tales to discuss with others? This film will enhance your self-esteem and encourage you to chase your dreams.

It portrays Robyn Davidson as she journeys through the Australian outback on a pretty personal adventure. It is a wonderfully lovely narrative with the fantastic shooting of the Australian Outback, so it depicts Robyn’s hardships and tribulations.

In this two-hour film, the filmmaking is a work of art; Australia had never appeared as enticing like it does in this movie.


7.   The Beach


Without mentioning this Leonardo DiCaprio masterpiece, no collection of travel movies would’ve been completed. It will also include a young DiCaprio who spent the vast majority of the movie topless, but it also features stunning panoramic images of Thailand.

The character of Leonardo DiCaprio Richard is a youthful traveler who travels to Thailand in pursuit of the picturesque, enigmatic, famous beaches that have escaped the ravages of the tourist industry but are rather homes to a small city of foreign backpackers.

Even though it is overused in travel references, it is sure to make you want to go out and find Daffy in Thailand.