A List of the World’s Best Land Based Casinos Used in Movies

Land-based casinos are struggling during this time of the year, as they try to cope with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Governments from all over the world are ordering casinos to keep their doors shut, therefore preventing enthusiastic gamblers from stepping inside to play. The measures are likely to stay in place for a few months, so even the world’s best casinos will remain inaccessible. In anticipation of the moment they finally welcome customers once again, it’s worth taking a glance at the top casinos.

Aria Casino in Las Vegas

Sin City has been for decades the world’s capital for land-based casinos and it continues to dominate the industry with an iron fist. It comes as no surprise that the most expensive casinos open their doors here year after year and the Aria Casino is at the top of the list. By far the most expensive casino and resort ever built, it is a huge place where visitors are likely to find everything they expect and more. The use of natural light, glamorous rooms and a huge collection of games made it a great choice for anyone visiting Las Vegas. Once the pandemic ends, it will be the main attraction for casual and enthusiastic players.

City of Dreams Casino in Macau, China

Macau is slowly but surely closing the gap separating it from Las Vegas and continues to attract ever larger numbers of players. The City of Dreams proudly sits on the Cotai Strip and it has a well diversified portfolio of games that cover all genres. Those who gamble here can find in excess of 1000 slots and plenty of roulette and card games that can be played at high-stakes. Macau is famous for providing its punters with the perfect environment to bet huge amounts and this casino is one of them. It also has a luxury hotel, with more than 1400 suites to accommodate the demanding guests.

Casino Baden-Baden in Germany

Europe has its fair share of luxurious casinos and Germany is a place where land-based gambling is legal. Baden Baden casino is without a doubt the best place to gamble if you fancy a local casino with an exotic look. Inspired by the amazing Palace of Versailles, it is defined by luxury and every single room is a statement made in favor of opulence. This is not the place where people can wear casual outfits, but it is definitely worth dressing up for the occasion. Behind the glamorous and fancy visuals, punters will find an accommodating casino where they can try all their favorite games at flexible stakes.

Hippodrome Casino

London has never lacked quality land-based casinos and the Hippodrome has been for years a preferred destination for gamblers. Without being an old casino, this relatively new venture is the best choice for highrollers and those who are willing to bet larger amounts. They can find everything from blackjack and baccarat to different versions of roulette and even a healthy selection of slots.