CR Photo Credit: Jay Maidment

A Very Social Game

When it comes to bingo players, most of us will assume that it relates to the older generation, grouping together to have a few games and catch up on all the local news and gossip.


Whilst there is some truth in the thought that women of a certain age were the most frequent visitors in the traditional bricks and mortar bingo halls, today many halls offer younger people a very different experience with party nights and themed nights where groups of friends can come to have a laugh and chat. The days of sitting in silence whilst a bingo caller announces each ball are long gone, and because of this change of direction and advancement in technology, online bingo has become massively popular with younger players.


Infact, more than a third of online bingo players are women that fall within the 25 to 34 age demographics, a far cry indeed, from the traditional stereotype! This increase in the numbers of younger people that visit bingo sites over recent years has been both dramatic and unprecedented.


One of the main reasons that online bingo has become so very popular among the younger generation is that the game has a strong social element, just like at the traditional bingo halls with online bingo games being played alongside chat rooms giving each game that social element.


Many online bingo sites offer some great bonuses and welcome offers to new players, and as competition is so fierce it’s important to find just the right site to play at.


For instance, if you were going to play at an online casino you would be wise to use a site like which works in much the same way as a comparison site for your car or home insurance by giving all the relevant information you need to find your perfect site.


Finding the right site to play at is half the battle, so doing some research first is well worth your time in order to find the right online bingo site that will suit your tastes the best.


We all lead busy lives and being able to play when and where we choose is very important, and online bingo is one of those games that has transferred over to the smaller screen perfectly. Players can even pay for their game using their monthly contract or pay-as-you-go balance instead of using a credit card or giving the site any bank details.


Online bingo is also very simple to play which means you can play for a few minutes or even get comfortable and play a full session, it doesn’t even matter if you cannot make your games that have been pre-bought because the computer will play your games for you letting you know if you have won.


If you put all the elements of online bingo together it soon become apparent why the game has enjoyed such a leap in popularity amongst the younger generation, and as technology advances games are sure to provide even more entertainment and excitement, something we can all enjoy.