Army of the Dead Review: Here’s What the Zombie Heist Brings In

If you are a fan of zombie movies and web series, you are going to love what Zach Snyder’s Army of the Dead is going to bring in. This recently released thriller has brought in a lot more than you can imagine, especially when it comes to the plot and the twists along the way.

Running for 138 minutes is another testimony of the fact that Snyder has time and time kept his movies long without any issues. The movie does come with an 18+ rating because of the gore and the blood, so you do need to be a little gratuitous while watching the movie.

The Army of the Dead almost didn’t make it, making it extremely difficult for Snyder’s movie launches following 2007, falling through the developmental issues around the studio. Another thing that the launch of this film has brought in is that the movie might get a prequel, titled Army of the Thieves.

Not just a prequel, the ending of the movie does leave room for a sequel too. The core of this film features the highlighting relationship between a father and a daughter; however, the users have claimed that they failed to witness any real emotional impact in that prospect, which was pretty disappointing.

Reports suggest that Snyder lost his daughter a few years ago, so this film is quite a personal one to him. The movie is based on the western wasteland, further bringing in a lot of new elements and themes to the movie.

The majority of the movie seems like a very unhappy rundown, especially with the zombie showcase and the kickoff backdrop of Las Vegas that showcases around. Everything seems like a routine commentary, something that you would find with the kinsta review before you avail their services.

However, don’t let that get your hopes down because a few parts of the movie do make it out in the big world. The narration about the capitalist nature of the world is something that you do make the most out of. The characters in the movie manage to bring the best out of their skills, keeping you hooked to the contest that the show is based on.

There is a range of nonsensical plot developments throughout the movie that will make you question your sanity. Some of the plots during the movie show people with a minimal idea about handling guns blowing people’s heads off, which will leave you questioning things a little bit, much like how you’d be reading through kinsta hosting review and questioning if it’s worth the trial.

If you are a fan of Snyder’s work and you have watched Justice League, we’d recommend that you watch Army of the Dead with a grain of salt. That’s how unrealistic and unorganized the plot of the movie is. Everything is disgruntled, not to mention that half of the plot will leave you questioning your sanity. The show is available on Netflix from May 21, 2021, for those who are interested in watching.