How Casino Related Films Bring the Glitz to the Gambling World

There is something about casino films that pulls the viewer in – the bright lights, the vivid colours, the slow-mo roll of the dice. When watching casino-based classics like Casino, Ocean’s Eleven, or Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas it’s not only hard to take your eyes off the screen but hard to ignore the urge to get out there and play. So why do casino related films – studded with drama, crazed characters, and difficult journeys – make casinos appealing to punters of all generations?

The Blasts from the Past

These old-time classics bring the tough love of casinos to the big screen: the grit, the gruff, the real men’s men. Casino, The Sting, The Hustler, The Cincinnati Kid – these classics are what brought your father to the tables, and your father’s father. Why wouldn’t we want to join in on family tradition?


The Clever Casino Cons

Who didn’t wish they were Ocean’s twelfth and cashing in on those cleverly conned millions? Ocean’s Eleven depicted such a rag-tag group of hustlers, nerds, geniuses and underdogs, that we all felt we could have joined the gang. The colourful lights, creative cinematography and slow motion shots highlight the glamour and luxury that casinos exude. And the inside look into the runnings and earnings of a casino certainly didn’t leave much up to the imagination. Who wouldn’t want to get suited up and take on the man in a big game or two – not to mention those big boxing matches too. In Ocean’s there was the best of everything – cards, cons, and sports betting, too.

In a Category of It’s Own: Double-o and Seven

No three words ooze swag and riches more than these: Bond, James Bond. And when this ladykiller and international man-of-mystery starts playing the big games in Casino Royale, nothing makes casinos look more appealing. The suit, the vodka martini, the beautiful lady by his side, Bond shows us the casino plays of our dreams: fast-paced all-or-nothing games at high, high stakes. But let’s face it, the Bond style of casino play is probably a far reach away for most of us. In the meantime, from the comfort of your home (and your pyjamas) you can play online at some of those great British casino sites found on


The Rise of the Underdog

This is where we all connect to casino life: the story of the underdog, the game where the player does beat the house. We all watched on the edge of seats as Seabiscuit raced to victory and our hearts went out to the team of math geniuses that got into trouble taking on the big leagues in 21. The underdog movies make us feel like any one of us regular, ol’ guys could be real winners – and what a feeling that is to take with you next time you hit your favourite casino games. Maybe next time you hit the slots and be the next true underdog.