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Clear Off Like James Bond in the Casino – is that Possible with Roulette Computers?

James Bond is a worldwide phenomenon. The attractive agent, portrayed by numerous well-known world stars, has three passions. Criminal cases, attractive women and casinos. Many of the most iconic scenes in the film series took place at the gaming table, not while chasing criminals. His game? Baccarat, but roulette is also always one of Bond’s favorites. The amazing thing about Bond – he’s a lucky guy! Did he use a roulette computer? Free machine games. How effective they can be, shows

Roulette in the style of James Bond – the system of the agent

While roulette computers use probabilities and logic to calculate the number that will fall in the future, James Bond uses a system all his own. In online roulette games, it has long been established not to play just on luck, but with strategy, and a frequently used one is the James Bond system. But why this name in particular? 007 has long shown in his numerous movies that he plays with passion and is a real lucky guy! Even though his most popular game is baccarat, poker and roulette are also among his passions.

However, the system named after him is used only for roulette. The game plan of the system provides that a total of 20 bets are placed by Bond on several game sections and numbers. For the viewers of the films, however, his stakes are less decisive than his biting humor and elegant charm, which he is only too happy to let play at the table. Bond enjoys the role of an attractive and desirable perpetual single, who is also lucky at cards, but probably unlucky in love.

Bond’s system is based on covering as many numbers as possible with many small bets and securing a higher profit in the long run. But does he even need to do that? First of all, Bond is blessed with almost outrageous luck anyway, and secondly, he could have optimized his strategy much faster using a roulette computer!

Is James Bond a strategist or a lucky one?

How does he do it? A question that film viewers ask themselves again and again when James Bond enters the casinos of this world and almost always gets lucky. Of course, Bond doesn’t cheer frenetically, but acts confident and dominant, almost as if he had expected to win. So did he know in advance that there would be no loss for him? Or is his Bond strategy really so good that it brings more profits than losses? He surely doesn’t seem like a human being in Casio Royale with bis big luck.

A highlight in theory, but in practice rather less intended for big cheers at the table. Bond bets on three points and thus covers 20 areas. All numbers are covered, except for the first field from 1 to 12. If they fall, the bet is lost. The European Roulette system, which is also played in most Bond movies, has a total of 37 fields.


The wide coverage is the biggest advantage of the James Bond strategy, because it covers not only a single number, but also a six-line and an outside bet. However, the strategy, which sounds good in theory, is quickly caught up by reality. By omitting the first 12 numbers, the probability of a loss is high. When using a roulette computer, it could be calculated beforehand with what probability a certain number will fall.

So as elegant and impressive as Bond and his wins are, his roulette strategy is a losing strategy. Neither in the long term nor in the short term, the concept of what James Bond applies at the gambling table will lead to profits. Even if luck plays a decisive role, too much of it would be necessary to win permanently with Bond’s strategy! So it seems that he is indeed lucky or not to share all his secrets with the movie viewers.

Computers smarter than James Bond?

What is the probability that Bond’s secretary will fall in love with him? What is the probability that he will get involved with her? And what’s the likelihood that he’ll end up single again? All questions that fans of the cool agent can easily answer for themselves. But how high the probability is that a certain number will be displayed on the roulette wheel is a question that cannot be calculated with the human brain.

Fortunately, computers were once invented and modern technology makes it possible to calculate things that a human brain would not be able to. But does this also work in the casino? Would James Bond have been able to increase his winnings if he had bet on the expertise of a machine? Above all, Bond would have a whole lot of villains to chase if he had to catch all the salesmen of supposedly helpful strategies for the roulette table.

The fact is that a roulette computer can never offer 100 percent certainty and, of course, a loss is possible. The technique behind the strategy is based on probabilities and equations that are analyzed by looking at the historical data of the game. Some computers even offer to take over the management of the bets.

Here we can only hope that 007 will not be represented at the table by such a computer, because his scenes when he chats with the dealers or amazes his fellow players with his lucky streak are something the fans in the movie would definitely not want to miss. Also the positive movie reviews Bond receives regularly wouldn’t be the same. In any case, one thing is clear: no computer in this world is capable of predicting luck! And whether Bond’s gambling results in the film would actually have been exactly the same in real life is questionable. But of course the fans don’t begrudge him! One stern look from the agent and the roulette wheel stops where it suits the bold hero!

James Bond and his knack for luck

In the legendary film Casino Royale, Bond once again proved how lucky he is, not only at roulette but also at poker. He sits tensely at the table, his opponents always in view. Between a few small brawls and a poisoning, Bond, who was then embodied for the first time by Daniel Craig, is very calm himself, while the whole table is sweating in view of the huge jackpot. And he also shows what he can do at poker. He wins the round and donates a whopping prize money of one million dollars.