Easy Ways To Make Money As Someone With No Experience

As someone with little or no experience, finding the right job can be a tough task. Most tasks, even the easiest ones that you can find online, need some background. But some flexible gigs require no experience.

These tasks present an easy way to make money. Though most of them don’t pay as much and the pay probably won’t sustain our bills. Below are some of the easy tasks you can do and make money even when you have no experience. Codes for free spins no deposit.


1.  Website Testing

You require zero prior experience to work as a website tester. This is a job that almost anyone can do. Most of these jobs are offered on the demographics of your profile. You need to fill out a form giving out relevant info on what demographic you’re to be placed in.

When you test websites, most of the tests take only 20 minutes at most. Within that time, you can get anything between $5 and $20 per test. At times, with certain websites, they pay maybe more.

This is a job that you can get cracking on right now. Some of the companies that offer web testing jobs are:


  • Erli Bird
  • Userlytics
  • UserTesting


2.  Data Entry

If you have basic computer skills, you need to worry, and you can find jobs online. Data entry, of all the tasks you can perform, is the easiest you can do. It would help if you also had fast typing speeds when looking for these tasks.

There is plenty of data that needs to be entered, and these gigs are listed on most freelancing sites. There’s no prior experience required for this role. Pay starts from as low as $5, depending on the task and who’s hiring.

The market for data entry jobs, however, is filled with evil people. Finding a trustworthy site can be challenging. Here are some of the reliable sites that offer data entry jobs:


  • SigTrack
  • Smart Crowd


3.  Take Part in Surveys

That’s where survey companies come in and find people who have used the said products and get an opinion. There are times that companies survey before launching a new product to find out how competitors did on the same. How about getting paid to give your opinion on a service or a product? For quite some time now, people have been making money by just sharing their opinion online. Companies want to know how their products are taking into the markets.

These tasks pay peanuts, but they can make easy money if you can find plenty of them around. Another thing you need to know about these sites because it may take a while for the money to hit your account. You first need to get to a threshold before you can request for release of finances.

4.  Small Micro Tasks

There are small tasks that bloggers and other professionals don’t want to do or don’t have the time to do themselves. These jobs’ pay depends on the task you are asked to perform. And you can find such jobs in marketplaces like Fiverr, where tasks start from as low as $5

For such a market, you set the task you’re good at, and they can then order from there. There are other sites too where you can find such jobs, and they include:


  • Appen
  • Task Rabbit
  • Clickworker
  • Fusion Cash
  • Swagbucks


5.  Customer Service


If you are good at communication and have excellent telephone skills, you can find a job with no experience. You may need to invest in quality noise-canceling headphones for these tasks, though.

Some of the sites where you can find such jobs are:


  • LiveOps
  • Westat
  • Sykes Home
  • Arise


6.  Translation

If you fluently speak more than one language, you’re in luck. Several companies out there are looking for you to do some translations for them. What you’ll be doing is taking one written document format and turning it into another language.

You can work in several jobs, for example, medical, book translation, and business information. You can get plenty of these jobs from various freelance sites or work with agencies that deliver the same service.

Some of the best sites where you can start to look for work are:


  • Gengo
  • Language Line


Having no experience can keep you out of many jobs, but there are some jobs that you can do even with no experience. Most of it will be like easy money, but basically, you’ll need to work for it. Most of them are just simple tasks, while others may require some skill sets. Try the list above today!