Expectations vs Reality: How Movies Mislead Us About the Student Life

We all love watching movies that create some escape from reality and provide us with illusions of how life could be if it changed the course of things and showed other possibilities. Films about student life sometimes depict situations that don’t correspond with reality. However, many people love watching them, imagining different experiences and struggles that young people encounter in colleges or universities that the movie presents. Some of you may get disappointed and confused to find out the many student issues on the screen are fake and have nothing to do with real life. How bewildering it might be, especially when you are obsessed with a particular series. Here are typical differences between real student life and the film which shouldn’t be taken seriously.


Relationship with Family Members

If you want to find one common feature in a lot of movies that don’t show truthful things about students, relationship with family members is number one. How often can we witness various conflicts between parents and siblings? Sometimes, it becomes a big issue and plays a dramatic role in many movies. It seems like there is always a family problem to go through. Reasons for a conflict in the film vary from rebellious children and the negative attitude of their parents to a misunderstanding with little support from relatives, which makes it difficult for a young person to strive for a better life.

In contrast to this, we can see different situations in the real world where parents do their best to support their children both financially and emotionally, providing all the resources to get higher education and reach a prosperous future. Movies would bring an imaginary life to make the plot more exciting and catchy. That’s why family conflict issues are so prevalent in many TV shows and series.


Ultra-Successful People Drop the Classes

Making a successful career without a degree can be a reality in some cases. Mark Zuckerberg is the one who managed to fulfill it. However, it doesn’t mean that this technique always works in practice when you decide to leave college and reach the top in a particular field where qualification is essential for development unless you are a genius. In the movie, you can often see the situations where people skip or drop out of classes without a particular reason to ease their life and all of a sudden become rich and famous. It can be fun to speculate such turn-on events on TV. However, we should realize that it doesn’t work the same in real life where there is strong competition among young people for choosing the best and the most creative.


Overwhelming School Work Load

We can hardly see students in the movies who are entirely concerned with their home assignments. Movies rarely show young people cramming the material from books or brushing up on their knowledge doing various tasks and homework. They are not given as many papers, essays, and research work as young people in real life. We can contemplate a light version of hard student life when people go to classes and come back home without much schoolwork to do. The characters in the movies mainly don’t burden themselves with challenging tasks and efficiently manage any project or assignment.


In real life, students literally spend all their free time doing homework. Some young people can’t even handle it all by themselves. That’s why a writing service can become handy to help you with the most complicated tasks. You can request, “Can you write an essay for me, please?” in any reliable source to get assistance from a professional and relieve yourself from the overwhelming amount of homework given by your teachers.


Too Much Partying

Have you ever wondered why student-related movies show so many scenes with partying and having wild nights with music, drinks, pool events, etc.? Of course, all these things add more excitement to the film, making the audience watch and dream about such a life. However, it doesn’t speak the truth about actual student routines and free time. Young people seldom have time to party or organize fun late-night events with friends. Such parties can be held only on special occasions when it is important to celebrate some achievements or significant moments in life. The rest of the time is entirely devoted to studying and dealing with various school projects, reports, and exams.


Personal Life

If you are a student, no one knows better than you how hard it is to combine personal life with studying in college or university. Young people can prioritize their studies over entertainment, leisure time, and relationships to accomplish more academic results in their student life to reach a successful career. Thus, the lack of time doesn’t make it possible for them to find a partner and build serious relationships. On the contrary, in the TV shows, we see how easily young people manage their private life with college. Moreover, they tend to put out fires and participate in various intrigues that heat audiences’ curiosity, making us want to follow series after series.