Facebook ads optimization tips in 2021

The Facebook Ads ad system gives you access to a huge audience: over two billion on Facebook itself and over a billion Instagram users. In order to accurately target your ads, the platform offers dozens of targeting options. Detailed customization to the target audience is an important advantage of targeted advertising on Facebook. Below are instructions for launching an ad and recommendations for getting cheap clicks and high-quality traffic.


What you need to launch an ads on Facebook 

Launching an advertising campaign on Facebook consists of several stages: Drawing up a portrait of the target audience; Development of USP for each group of target audience, which will be used on landing pages and in creatives; Preparation of pre-landing pages and landing pages; Creation of creatives for different placements; Creation of an advertising campaign; Setting up ad groups; Creation of ads; Replenishment of the advertiser’s balance in Facebook Ads; Passage of moderation. After that, the advertisement will start showing. Before launching any ads, you should optimize the page first. That’s why you should buy Facebook page likes and post content frequently to stay relevant to the algorithm. 


Get creative

We know you already know this, but it’s worth repeating. Even with all the great optimization tricks we’ve just learned, you still need to stand out from the crowd in the bustling world of Facebook ads. That’s why. People notice entertainment ads before they even know what they are about and then read them. The creativity pays off. Think outside the box.

Optimizing Facebook ads is a continuous process of trial and error. While it’s not an easy process, it is definitely worth the time and effort as Facebook advertising is still one of the best ways to attract new customers. Using the Facebook ad optimization techniques described in this article can help you improve your ad performance without increasing ad spend.


Facebook Pixel

A pixel is a code that is placed on the pages of a site. Without it, you will not be able to track the data and user actions on your resource. To generate the code in the business manager, you need to go to “Data Sources” and “Pixels”. After that, the pixel is given a name, a link to the site is added and the installation method is selected. If you are a beginner, then it is better to contact a specialist to post the code. When the pixel is on the site, it remains to be associated with an advertising account and provides access to everyone who needs it.


How and why to give access to Business Manager and business page

In the FB advertising office, work with Ads can be entrusted to other people by restricting their access, i.e. only allow editing, campaign analysis, etc. To set access to the business manager, in the settings you need to enter “Advertising accounts”, select the desired one and mark that you want to add users. Select a user from the list and set access to certain functions. Similar actions are carried out with the business page. After installing all the basic settings, you can proceed directly to setting up advertising on Facebook and Instagram.