FanExpo 2023: Better, Busier, “Brandier”

FanExpo in Toronto has never been better, busier or “brandier”- that’s not a word but let me explain…When the fans come to these events they not only get to meet their heroes (and villains) in person for photos and autographs they also get to see things they would never get to see anywhere else-see The Twisted Metal activation at The Paramount Lodge. It’s the actual prop truck from the series.Also at Paramount, check out the “Yellowstone” activation ( one of their flagship shows currently streaming on Paramount +)and step back in time to the old west.There’s lots of opportunities for photo ops with Star Trek and even SpongeBob sets inside the lodge.Star Wars Ahsoka (Disney +) fans get to see a collection of helmets and lightsabers and even get to have a 3D immersive photo/video taken in the photo cube at the Ahsoka stand.While over at the Amazon Prime activation, we got treated to sit in an actual set from “The Boys” (thank to Gavrileau at Amazon).The whole idea behind all of this is that you the fans get to connect and feel connected to the shows and characters that you love through these amazing installations. If the numbers we saw today are anything to go by, it’s more popular than ever.FanExpo has to be seen to be believed. It’s the last day today. Take a trip to downtown Toronto and immerse yourself in your favourite world.