FanExpo 2023: Star Wars: Ahsoka on Disney+

Disney+ has brought a piece of the galaxy far, far away to Fan Expo Canada at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, and this Star Wars devotee could not be happier.

There are awesome props on display from the show itself, including Sabine Wren’s Mandalorian helmet, and even a Loth Cat and everyone’s fave psycho droid, Chopper! Shining, shimmering lightsabers also feature, which brings me to the highlight: my brother Eoin Friel and I got to take part in an immersive, interactive, 3D animated photo booth. An amazing moment for these middle-aged Jedi Knights!

Rosario Dawson stars as Ahsoka Tano, reprising her role from The Mandalorian. This Disney+ series follows former Jedi Knight Ahsoka as she investigates an emerging threat to the galaxy following the devastating fall of Emperor Palpatine and the Galactic Empire. Grand Admiral Thrawn casts a long shadow and can pose a serious threat to the fledgling New Republic. Ahsoka Tano stands in his way, along with a cast of compelling characters created in the Star Wars: Rebels animated series.

Star Wars: Ahsoka is written by Dave Filoni and is currently streaming on Disney+ – not to be missed.


There are rumours that Anakin Skywalker himself Hayden Christensen will be showing up in the Ahsoka series, so it was a special moment to meet him in person. We joined literally thousands of people to meet him and he was civil to every one of us… except the Younglings.