How to Host the Ultimate Movie Night

No matter who you are, you probably love movies. Who doesn’t? There are so many different genres and creators out there that it is almost impossible for someone not to find something suited to their tastes, regardless of how unique. Do you love blockbusters? Arthouse films? Animation? Whatever it is, a great way to enhance the viewing experience is to share it with others. You can make new friends by bonding over a movie or spend some quality time with loved ones in front of an old favorite. Here are some fun tips on how to host an unforgettable movie night.


Outdoor Cinema

There are a few companies that specialize in holding outdoor cinema events for people to attend, but why not create one for yourself? Choose a day with a dry weather forecast – if possible – and set out some comfortable places for your guests. You can use garden furniture or drag some out from inside the house. Pillows and blankets are a must, especially if you plan on watching movies into the evening. Provide your guests with snacks and insect repellent, just in case. You can find inexpensive projectors for smartphones or laptops and, by hanging up a plain white sheet or pointing it at a blank wall, your movie will be ready to watch.


Virtual Reality

Thanks to this amazing new technology, virtual reality is no longer something reserved for science fiction. If going to the movie theater has become too routine, invite your friends to something like Room Escape Games London where you can immerse yourself in the story in ways that merely watching a movie could never replicate. You’ll be able to share a much more unique experience than if you’d simply bought some tickets to a screening.



Take your friends to a secluded spot for some daytime hiking or other outdoor activities before settling around the campfire for a movie night. Bring your favorites, ask your guests to bring theirs then take votes. Even if all you have is a portable DVD player or someone’s laptop, the experience of watching a movie in the wilderness is far removed from that in a theater. Remember to bring a portable charger for whatever device you plan to watch your movies with, as well as your regular camping and safety gear.



If your living room is the best spot for movies, invite your friends for not just any movie night but a themed marathon. Choose a genre, series, or actor to focus your theme around then source the relevant movies. Go a step further and wear costumes to bring the story to life.


Indoor Den

Similar to camping but with less danger – build a blanket fort with string lights and pillows for the ultimate night of comfort and entertainment, regardless of your age. Depending on how many guests you plan on inviting, you might need some string, pegs, and wall pins to secure the blankets around the room. Clear out unnecessary furniture and cover the floor with soft furnishings so everyone can lounge while enjoying the movie.