How to Make Movie Night More Exciting

There’s something about planning a movie marathon at home with your favorite flicks that just beats traveling to the big screen. Not only do you avoid crowds and fighting over the best seats, but at home you have the freedom to set up your space how you want to with access to any supplies you might need.

Here’s how to make movie night that little bit more special.

Set Up Your Ideal Space

It doesn’t have to be a case of simply streaming your movie or popping in the classic disc. If you want to make it that little bit more epic, upgrade your movie-watching space in advance. Take it to the biggest, comfiest room in the house. Make sure you have everything to hand, like snacks and drinks. Be sure to adjust light sources so there is no glare and make sure you have the best viewing angle.

Or, if you have the budget for it and were planning on an upgrade anyway, now might be the time to invest in the bigger screen TV you’ve always wanted and maybe those improved movie-quality speakers!

You could even take it outside if you’d rather show a movie in the garden if you have access to projecting equipment.

Make a Day (or Even a Weekend) Of It

If you have more than one film in mind, especially if it’s an epic action series with a number of sequels, then chances are that one evening won’t be enough. Why not spread out the movie experience and make an official occasion of it?

Invite over friends or family — or any relevant movie-lovers — to make a whole day or weekend of it. You could plan out other activities to complement your movie-watching and take breaks in between, whether it’s whipping up cocktails, snacks, having some fun on or spending time in the garden on a summer’s day to barbeque snacks.

Pick a Theme

There’s nothing wrong with throwing on your favorite flicks no matter the genre, but it could work so much better with a theme. That way you can optimize your space even more to suit the genre, too. If you’re planning on watching your beloved action hero, whip up some food or drink which complements them. Do they have a signature drink in the movie, for example? You could replicate it. Why not whip up some martinis if you’re watching the latest James Bond?

You could even try cosplay and have you and your guests dress as their favorite character from the franchise — or their favorite movie character in general.

If you’re planning to cook or bake, then themed recipes could work well, especially if you create some gory snacks for a horror-movie marathon.

Have Everyone Chip In

If you’re planning a lot of guests to share your love of movies, then the pressure to host doesn’t all have to be on you. Have everybody contribute by bringing something along, whether it’s an extra movie to watch, a snack or anything to make your movie night more interesting.

Have fun!