Important aspects in digital marketing

The differences between an online marketing strategy for B2B and a concept for B2C are huge. However, this knowledge alone is not enough to put your own B2B concept on a stable foundation. Online marketing in the B2B area is not just about the “right” tactics, but above all the strategic approach. For this you should take a comprehensive look at all sub-areas that could be relevant for your B2B concept and pour them into a coherent, “round” concept paper!


The homepage of your own company is still the first point of contact when it comes to online marketing in the B2B area. You should make sure that:


  • Information on your own homepage is up-to-date
  • The company’s own products and services are appropriately well described and
  • The so-called ” UX ” on your own side is consistent


Make own strategy

The alignment of your own online marketing strategy should start in the B2B area on your own homepage! “Why” is easy to explain. People who are interested in our offerings usually use our homepage as the first point of contact to find out about our product. Especially when the respective visitor ends up on our site for the first time, they need appropriate information to clarify their open questions in connection with our offer. Online marketing in B2B also means always providing site visitors with the most important answers to questions that arise and, for example, working through a detailed FAQ. This procedure not only provides important information, but also creates trust on the part of the user. If he receives the information relevant to him on our homepage, he can then make an informed initial contact. Because of the information on our homepage, the customer knows exactly that our offer could suit his needs. When it comes to streaming, you definitely need a private strategy. Start with the game that is not so popular with the streamers but popular through gamers. Do you want to know how to get Twitch followers? Stream consistently and be yourself.

Blog is very important

In connection with the main marketing activitiesIn the B2B area, one comes across the sub-discipline “blogging” again and again. From the point of view of a company active in the B2B sector, you try to create content in your own blog that provides your target group with important information and added value. This is less about continuously promoting your own products than about processing the subject areas and open points that undoubtedly exist around your own offer with your own expertise. It makes sense to publish this content regularly on the company’s own blog. On the one hand, you present your specialist knowledge in this way and thus gain the trust of your target group. On the other hand, with keyword-optimized blog posts you ensure that the organic visitor numbers on your homepage increase continuously.


Integrate Instagram fully into your own strategy

Facebook is good, Instagram is even better! The thoughts of many users in relation to the social media channels seem to be like this or something similar. Instagram has seen a steep increase in users in recent months. For this reason alone, companies should discover the channel for themselves and integrate it into their own strategy. In addition, the Facebook subsidiary is continuously developing.


With IGTV, Instagram reels and the Instagram guides, big changes have been initiated in the last 24 months. There is also the option of setting up your own shop on Instagram. Instagram users are getting more and more flexibility when it comes to creating their own content. In addition, the length of stay of the user is sustainably increased through appropriate innovations. Anyone who has not yet integrated Instagram into their own social media strategy should definitely deal with it – because it is worth it!