Important Tips for Digital Marketing in 2022

Google announced, for 2023, the end of cookies, while Apple has restricted the use of personal data of its users, which affects the monitoring of your marketing campaigns. Brands must then find other ways to surf personalized marketing to improve their conversion rate. Beyond first-party data, you need to leverage second-party data. These are collected through partnerships with other website editors or retailers. You can also adopt tools like:


Clustering algorithms

They automatically segment your audience according to their needs, desires, purchasing habits and psychographic profiles. The goal is to improve the distribution of your content.


Google Ads data hub

Most advertising tools let you know how many users of those who viewed the ad have placed an order. But they don’t show the user every step of the way from viewing ad to buying, and they don’t consider orders that are abandoned and then resumed through your retargeting or dunning strategy.


Hybrid marketing

Digital or physical? Which privileged channel? The two! While more and more consumers are ordering products or services online, they still care about physical stores. The next challenge for companies is therefore to offer a hybrid experience. For instance, your offline presence has to be accompanied with the TikTOk and other online media platforms. You can buy TikTok followers and get more attention for the offline exposure. 75% of companies that are already preparing to invest in this experience, according to the Deloitte report.


To succeed with your hybrid marketing strategy:

  • Use consistent branding across all media and channels
  • Create a consistent experience at every touchpoint: if a customer sees a product in your store or at a trade show, they should find it on your digital channel
  • Adapt content to each platform
  • Collect data at each point of contact: collect information from prospects met in person and add them to your CRM to recontact them via digital means afterwards (email, SMS, LinkedIn, etc.)


Experiential marketing

Experiential marketing focuses on creating a user experience based on the brand, not just the product. Experiences vary across companies and sectors. Some of the most common examples of experiential marketing are corporate events, webinars, and contests. Take the tech giant Apple. Brand recently organized “photo walks” where an employee guides consumers around a location and teaches them how to take great photos from their iPhone.


Programmatic marketing

Programmatic marketing is the automation of the purchase of advertising space. A strategy that allows you to delegate the auction process to an algorithm to devote more time to campaign optimization. Many brands now allocate up to 54% of their advertising budgets to programmatic marketing. In 2021, the threshold of 131 billion euros has been crossed. This technique facilitates real-time data analysis and audience targeting. Many more brands will certainly adopt it in 2022. Saas SEO expert will be the best option for you if you want to promote yourself or your product.