Instinct to Kill (2001) Dark Force Entertainment Blu-ray Review

Worth a watch


Instinct to Kill has an unpleasant vibe to it but it has its moments and if you’re building your Mark Dacascos collection on Blu-ray, it should be a nice addition.

Plot: An escaped convict comes after his wife, who now has protection in the form of an ex-cop.

Review: This is a psycho-killer thriller with Mark Dacascos playing a personal defence instructor to a woman (Melissa Crider) whose cop husband (Tim Abell) is a serial killer of women. When Crider turns her husband in, he plots his escape from prison, and when he escapes, his only thought is to make his wife suffer. Crider turns to Dacascos (who plays a former cop) for help, but she has a lot of issues with holding a gun, etc.

A lot of time is devoted to the creepy husband, effectively played by Abell. He is truly an evil character, and he’s almost like The Terminator. He has a one-track mind, kills without emotion, and continues coming even after being wounded. Dacascos underplays his character, but he’s still very physical here. He’s not invincible, and Abell seems to match him by sheer force and will. An unpleasant vibe and misogynistic tone mars the film. Kadeem Hardison, who co-starred with Dacascos in Drive, has a smaller role here as a detective. Directed by Gustavo Graef-Marino.

Dark Force Entertainment has just issued a nice looking Blu-ray edition of Instinct to Kill, which was previously available in a full-frame, bare-bones DVD from First Look Features. The transfer here is nice and crisp from a new HD scan with color correction, plus a new audio commentary by actor Tim Abell, and an on-camera interview with Abell. If you’re building your Mark Dacascos collection on Blu-ray, this one should be a nice addition.