Killing It With Humour: 10 Hilarious Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow ASAP

There’s no other social media platform as witty or funny as Twitter. Discover the best twitter accounts to follow for funny and entertaining content here.

Did you know that in 2018 there were 336 million monthly active Twitter users?

Twitter is a unique social media platform where many find a place for their voice, no matter what they’re talking about. With an abundance of brands, celebrities, and like-minded people, you’re sure to find something that takes your fancy on Twitter.

But if you’re looking for some light-hearted humor and some hilarious laugh-out-loud moments, then you need to start following these 10 best Twitter accounts.

10 Twitter Accounts to Follow

Whether you’re looking for inspiration and motivation, humorous accounts, brands, celebrities, or interesting facts, there’s plenty to find on Twitter. These are the best Twitter accounts to follow that you should be following:

  1. Jen Sincero

Find a sprinkling of inspiration from the author of the best-selling book ‘You are a Badass’. Jen Sincero’s Twitter account provides no shortage of motivational and inspirational quotes that can help you kickstart your day.

The quotes aren’t just abstractly placed on her account, she also includes a comment or two, so that her followers can relate more and know where she’s coming from. There’s a reason why Jen has 36.3K followers and it’s because her tweets are definitely worth reading.

  1. Funny or Die

Without a doubt, one of the best accounts to follow on Twitter is Funny or Die. The website Funny or Die started in 2007 with a short film by comedy geniuses Will Ferrell and Adam McKay. The pair made a short film called ‘The Landlord’.

Following the success of the short film, the studio now produces comedy specials and web series. Expect to find your fair share of funny videos, photos, tweets, and stories.

Want to save some of the funny videos that crack you up most? Then follow this guide about how to download Twitter video and share your laughter with your friends and family.

  1. Buzzfeed

If you’ve ever been on the internet or any social media platform, the chances are you’ve heard of Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed produces read-on and watch-on worthy content that promises to entertain, inform, and excite all who see their content.

Not only will you find hilarious tweets, articles, videos, and photos on their Twitter account, but you’ll also find quizzes, news stories, and a whole range of other interesting content. The truth is if you follow Buzzfeed you won’t be disappointed.

  1. Ryan Reynolds

Fans of Ryan Reynolds will know that this celebrity doesn’t hold back with his jokes. Reynolds uses his dark humor and dry wit in every aspect of his life, not just his films. So if you want to follow a funny celebrity then this is the account you need to follow.

Ryan Reynolds is one of the best people to follow on Twitter, but what content will you get to see? Well, there’s an abundance of hilarious videos, tweets, and photos. And there’s some promotional content, but don’t worry he ensures this is funny too.

  1. Roy T. Bennett

Give Roy T. Bennett a follow if you’re looking to fill your feed with light and feel-good tweets. It seems that the most successful inspirational Twitter account owners have all published books and Roy fulfills this expectation, having written ‘The Light in the Heart: Inspirational Thoughts for Living Your Best Life’.

Add some motivation, compassion, and wisdom to your day by giving this guy a follow.

  1. The Dark Lord

Harry Potter fans should seriously consider following The Dark Lord. With 1.6 million followers, hilarious cynical humor, and funny jokes at other popular movie characters, you’ll soon forget why Lord Voldemort was a villain in the Harry Potter books and movies and start to love him.

  1. Elizabeth Windsor

Calling all monarch fans. The Queen in the UK has a fake Twitter account that you need to follow. Unlike the official Queen’s Twitter account, the fake one provides unlimited funny jokes and commentaries on the daily events in the UK.

The account has 1.5 million followers and provides daily content, so you’ll be sure to have at least a laugh a day from this one.

  1. The Onion

Looking for an alternative to formal news and journalism? Then you need to check out The Onion. This website is filled with hilarious satirical content that covers entertainment pieces, sports, politics, and even completely made up stories.

Luckily, you can get all your fake news from their Twitter account which produces daily tweets. Good luck trying to weave yourself away from some of these ridiculous stories. You might as well just say goodbye to productivity once you follow this account.

  1. Mental Floss

Laughing every day is essential for our health but so is learning new things. So, if you want to widen your knowledge and find out some interesting facts, give Mental Floss a follow.

Filled with fascinating stories, interesting facts, fun quizzes, and binge-worthy videos, you’ll find plenty of things to entertain yourself with on this Twitter account.

  1. Kat Dennings

Another funny celebrity worth following on Twitter is actress and star of Two Broke Girls, Kat Dennings. She offers her followers a continuous stream of funny observations, anecdotes, and jokes. Kat draws her inspiration from current movies, pop culture, and her own life.

Fill Your Social Feed With Humor by Following the Best Twitter Accounts

Twitter is a social media platform that is designed for everyone, no matter what your interests or likes. If you want to refresh your feed and revive it with some humor, make sure you follow some of the best Twitter accounts in our guide.

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