Legends of Action: Bruce Willis

One of the action genre’s most unlikely of heroes, turns out to be one of its biggest and best! Bruce Willis began his career in the 80’s, with more light-hearted and even comedic turns in wine cooler commercials and eventually a starring role in Moonlighting opposite Cybil Sheppard.

Then in 1988, the action gods would shine down on Bruno, when he was shockingly offered a then unheard of 5 million dollars to star in a little action movie called Die Hard. The film was a worldwide success and it catapulted Willis into superstardom! Willis has returned to the role that made him most famous three times so far. The sole reason for the success of the Die Hard franchise is Willis’ performance as John McClane. The “everyman” action star is just what the world was craving after a decade of action heroes that portrayed the “one man army”.

Willis has had his share of missteps over his career. (Bonfire of the Vanities anyone?) But, he has not only continued to pump out action greats such as Armageddon, The Last Boy Scout, Last Man Standing and Hostage, but also showed Hollywood that he does indeed have some acting chops with impressive performances in critically acclaimed films such as Pulp Fiction, 12 Monkeys and The Sixth Sense.

With a larger role in Expendables 2 this summer and an upcoming fifth turn as John McClane in A Good Day to Die Hard coming in February 2013, it would appear that Bruno still has that action star appeal. I think I speak for all action fans when I say “Thank you Bruce! Oh yeah… and YIPEE KI-YAY MOTHER FUCKER!!!”