Love Film? Here’s How to Optimize Your Streaming Experience

The ability to stream movies from anywhere with an internet connection, on any device, and at any time of day is surely a cinephile’s dream when it runs smoothly, of course.

This is, unfortunately, not always the case, as anyone who has ever felt the fury and frustration bubble over at the sight of an infinite loading screen will know.

It isn’t just buffering that can be the problem either; in fact, there is plenty of streaming strife to contend with.

Here are some tips to help you optimize your streaming experience and watch your favorite flicks without a worry in the world, hopefully.

Download a VPN

A great VPN (virtual private network) can be the ideal remedy for slow loading times if you suspect your browser is being deliberately hindered by your internet service provider.

The benefits do not start or end there by any means. VPNs can be used to unlock region-restricted movies, and T.V. shows on your streaming platforms, opening up a whole new catalog of cinema goodness to you with little more than the touch of a button.

Change Your DNS Server

The DNS server (domain name system) is essentially the go-between that allows you to communicate with internet pages. Without it, you would not be able to connect to websites at all.

Sometimes, you may operate on the wrong DNS server, one that could possibly be slowing your streaming quality and speed right down.

This is fairly easy to rectify in a short time with very little computer knowledge, so there is no need to panic if the jargon has alarmed you. However, it is worth checking out a straightforward guide to get you started.

Free Up Space on Your Device

If your device is having trouble playing media, it might be down to a lack of memory. Clearing your cache should help free up some space and let your RAM (random access memory) spring into action.

The more memory your device has to perform tasks, the less chance it will start to struggle with playback. This might also mean closing any processes, apps, or suspended programs that could still take up memory even in standby mode.

Background apps can have a pesky habit of taking up vast amounts of processing power, such as, you probably guessed it, social media!

Installing a WI-FI Booster

It is not easy for everyone to just move the WI-FI router, contrary to what the internet service provider might tell you on the helpline.

Sometimes, routers need to be in a certain space out of necessity, wiring issues, architectural layouts, or plain convenience.

If your router happens to be in an awkward position a mile away from your device, this can greatly affect your signal quality, thus slowing down your streaming efforts.

Sourcing a WI-FI booster can be a great way around this if you cannot move the router, and thankfully, there are some great options out there.

There is also the option of restarting your device; although this was the first move you probably made, it can refresh your setup and help your stream get back to its optimal level.