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Madso’s War (2010) Review



If you like your Boston Irish mafia movies then you may want to add Madso’s War to your collection but otherwise it’s not all that memorable.

Plot: A missing crime boss post-federal indictment. $11 million plus dollars missing. Its up to foot soldier rookie “Madso” (Mathhew Marsden) to solve the mystery and combat the other deceptive criminal cutthroats at work. Will he survive long enough to put everyone in their place?

Review: This Spike TV telefilm has many elements from arguably superior crime films like State of Grace, Point Break, The Departed and more. It’s never lacking in gaining the viewer’s attention yet since all attention has been given to the overcomplicated heist and production values, the character development and action ends up being too by-the-numbers, regardless of the budget or target audience.

If you can find it it at a cheap thrift or DVD rental store just to complete your Boston-Irish mafia collection, then knock yourself out. Otherwise, the entertainment value here is rather limited due to so often noticing pre-famous character actors like Kevin Chapman, who easily gives the best performance here, trying their hardest to add development to underwhelming characters.