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Mobile Technologies Are the Future of the Automobile Industry


Mobile technology has been growing at an exponential rate over the past decade. From the tiny 1997 Nokia phones with the popular Snake game to the Blackberry phones with a mini keyboard, smartphones have been transforming and making our lives easier and easier.

Today, you can get a full meal, furniture, and even a cab ride with just your smartphone, so what’s next? Smart cars, that’s what! You can also bet on Betway, today. The Betway88 app, for instance has become more popular than ever. You can use Betway to play games or bet on your favorite sports.

Phones and Cars

Up until now cars, just like smartphones, have gone through many upgrades, not just in design but also in technology. Things like airbags, advanced emergency braking, and better utilization of fuel have made driving much more safe and comfortable. Research shows that today people consider cellphone compatibility to be an important feature when picking out a car. Being able to play music and get navigation information by linking up your phone with the car system have become quite important.

Not only are mobile phones used while driving, but have also become an important instrument in the process of selecting said car. People tend to look at brands, features, and most importantly, prices when they start looking for a car.

Not just that, but smartphones even let the user know about car dealerships in their locality. This way, more people are prepared to select a car model which suits their needs and are able to plan on how to pay for it. It is even shown that people get better deals online on automobiles than if they were to buy one face-to-face.

Merging Mobile Technology and Automobiles

As technology becomes more sophisticated, most of the things we do everyday get upgraded and connected. Just like how you can track the location of an Uber, app developers and automobile companies have been working together to come up with ways to incorporate more technology in cars.

If you think about it, our phones give us a ton of information. If this gets combined with our daily drive to work, imagine the possibilities! That future is not so far away, actually. We already have access to real-time traffic data in our cars as well as tons of navigation routes. Sure, they could always use a little tweaking here and there, but they are only improving each day.

In the near future, it is expected that companies will be using mobile technology to improve marketing strategies when interacting with their customers, and will give them a more personalized experience.


Mobile technology is becoming a huge influence in all fields, since each field involves some level of marketing and business. People prefer to simplify their lives by doing as much as they can online, even booking their rides. Soon enough, we’ll be living in an AI world where machines do everything.

Of course, you must have already heard about cars that can drive themselves. These prototypes are being manufactured in most developed countries and are expected to hit the roads in a few years. The future seems quite bright!