New Movies from Netflix About Poker, Blackjack, and Casinos

Do you want to experience all the action and thrills from the gambling arena through movies? Why not try some on Netflix? Gambling and movies have got a great interrelation for centuries. Both have been providing an awesome experience to viewers whenever they watch or gamble. 

The casino movies will enable you to explore various destinations and places that would have otherwise cost you much in terms of flight fare or road travelling. It’s an ideal option, especially if you don’t have time to travel to the physical casinos.

The movie will also allow you to borrow top gaming skills and strategies from top actors such as James Bond. We linked up with our gaming expert Kevin Cochran (view profile) to share with you some of the top casino movies you will find on Netflix. Check out the following movies on Netflix:


Have you come across the book” We only kill each other?” If you haven’t, then Bugsy is the ideal movie, especially if you want to know about the book. It’s a fact-based crime drama that seeks to show you the real scenes in crime scenes involving casinos.

The movie features two great characters Bugsy Siegel and actress Virginia Hill. They are in a relationship, and that’s what the movie displays in the form of drama. It shows how Bugsy, who is also a gangster grappling for control of gambling, parlous.

He also dreams of building a hotel and casino in Canada. The dreams come true when Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel Casino gets built. Unfortunately, Bugsy dies before the opening of the hotel-casino. That’s bad on him because he passes on before witnessing his dream come true.


How many poker movies dealing with underground stakes have you watched? If none, then finding Rounders will be an ideal step. It deals with high-stakes poker games. A rounder is someone who travels around intending to find high-stakes card games.

The movie focuses on two friends who get into high-stakes games to pay off their huge debts. As they continue to play, the list of their debt keeps growing bigger. But they keep gambling until they meet a mobster who they play against and wins everything. That sees them clear their troubling debts and saves their situation. 

The Gambler (2014)

The movie features Jim Bennet, an English literature professor who loves to gamble alongside Mark Wahlberg. Jim portrays his careless nature as he loses much at the casinos. However, his rich background allows him to regain the lost amount.

However, it does not get well with him as Jim gets into trouble with a loan shark and an underground casino owner. The casino owner and the loan shark are natural criminals. They don’t hesitate to kill Jim if he fails to repay the loan.

In the process, Jim develops a relationship with one of his friends, Amy. Despite his brilliance in class, Amy dedicates some time to work at the casino Jim regularly visits to play the side bets in Blackjack alongside other amazing games. The debt keeps piling, and in the long run, Jim only realizes that he is only left with one chance to save his life and that of his loved ones and himself.

James Bond: Casino Royale

Today, the name James Bond rings in the mind of every casino movie lover who has watched him the various movies he has featured in. The James movie collection offered everything from thrilling chases, daring stunts and tricked outs.

The movies have been acted in top locations such as London, Bahama, Venice, and Miami. In the film, James Bond is responsible for stopping a banker from laundering money for criminals and terrorists. The movie does not feature too much shooting, but it displays the ability of James Bond to catch the criminals and fold them in a high-stakes poker game.

Can online casinos be replicated in movies?

We live in a digital world where people are searching for Canadian online gambling platforms, and locating casino real money is now easy. However, we are still to get movies based on online casinos. The availability of technologies such as VR, AR, and mobile gaming is something that movie creators can bank on to create amazing movies. 

If you easily get carried away by the exciting scenes in the top casino movies, then considering the above titles on Netflix will be an ideal move for you. Each of them will give you a different experience but an amazing one.