Pay by Phone

It’s safe to say that the majority of us own a smartphone, indeed ever since the first iPhone was launched back in 2007 technology has advanced so quickly that we have come to rely on our smartphones for far more than making a call or sending a text.

In fact, the smartphone has become ‘the’ piece of kit to own, so much so, that to lose it or have it stolen is for many a minor disaster.

Today, we can carry out many of the daily tasks that would have eaten into our busy days at the touch of a fingertip – we shop and pay for services and goods, book a table at our favourite restaurant or buy tickets for a movie or music concert and increasingly we are using our phones to play games and have a bet or wager.

Being able to play on your favourite casino game at any time and from anywhere (as long as you have a reliable internet connection) has its obvious advantages from having to wait until returning home. Today’s games are optimised for mobile play and are overtaking home pc’s as the favoured way to have a game or two.

Under Threat

Unfortunately, there will always be that criminal element who will take advantage of others at every opportunity and the internet is always being targeted by hacker’s hell bent on stealing others private information for their own gains.

Understandably this can make people rather concerned about giving their banking details to any site, not only an online casino, but any site which requires you to submit a payment option.

Safe and Secure

The gambling industry is well aware of their players concerns and have incorporated numerous security measures to keep player confidentiality but for those that still have some concerns then using their phones to make a deposit and fund their accounts might be just the choice to make.

How Does it Work?

Simply put, pay by phone slots games, table games and card games are funded by either your pay-as-you- go balance or added onto your monthly phone bill. This means that there is no need to give the site any banking details at all. If hackers do happen to make it through all the stringent security measures put in place to safeguard your privacy, there will be nothing to find.

To access this payment option just click ‘pay by mobile’ option when choosing your method. Easy to set up and totally safe and secure setting up pay by phone deposits only takes a couple of minutes, then you are good to go.