Social Media Trends To Watch Out In 2021

One thing is sure: This year has changed the way people and companies use the internet in general and social media in particular. But in what way will these new social media trends influence our use of networks in 2021?

All the latest data and information pointed to these major social media trends coming to dominate in 2021. In the following article, we will tell you what you need to know

Social media builds the bridge to a new customer experience.

We asked marketers what their most important social media goal is for 2021. Almost three-quarters of those surveyed answered with: “Increased customer acquisition”. A considerable increase compared to last year when barely half of the marketers stated this as a highly desirable result of their social media activities.

It’s not surprising that brands are looking for new business. But it is noticeable that only 23% of all marketers stated an “improved customer experience” as the most critical business result for social media.

The pandemic has ruined many efforts to create classic offline customer experiences. Suddenly there were no more samples and attractive shop windows available in the store, no discount battles and no customer advice from expert staff.

It’s essential to be active on different social media platforms to increase customer acquisition. LTV (life-time value) could be achieved with Instagram marketing or cross-promoting the same brand offer on various channels. It’s essential to increase your presence on every possible social channel.

In 2021, marketers can still increase the ROI from new customers at short notice with social media ads. But you also need to provide innovative online experiences that help build relationships and brand loyalty. With the stores’ sudden closure, the cosmetics companies were looking for a new way to continue providing individual advice to their customers.

Just two weeks after the start of the first lockdown, the company cosmetics “Clarins” presented its new video advice service Clarins & Me, an offer that was booked 450 times in the first month alone.

Brands find their place in the conversation.

Sometimes companies should listen rather than talk. After all, in crisis times, people primarily use social media to distract and be entertained. And they want to connect and not with brands.

On average, 32% of Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers say their main reason for using social media is “to find fun or entertaining content.” Current data also shows that useful and entertaining advertising is most likely to motivate people to buy.

The past year’s most successful campaigns have helped create connections between people – or they have provided much-needed moments of informality and fun. These are precisely the reasons most people are active on social media.