Steps to planning the engagement party of your dreams

The much-awaited day is almost here. Many individuals imagine the day of their wedding and how they will plan it. For the people who have found their partners with whom they wish to spend the rest of their lives, getting married is an important step.

Until the day of the wedding comes, there is an engagement party to organize. The truth is not many people wish to plan and host a party to celebrate their engagement, as some choose to celebrate it more intimately. However, you might want to gather together your family and closest friends to have an excellent time and celebrate the love and the beginning of this new journey.

If this is your case, it could help you devise a plan not to overwhelm yourself with the multitude of preparations. In order to avoid feeling any anxiety – on top of the expected nerves you might feel in anticipation of the big event – follow these steps to planning your engagement party:


Set the date

First things first. You and your partner will need to agree on a date that is not only suitable for you and your families but also for everyone you wish to have at your engagement party. It is likely that this celebratory event will be much smaller in scale than the wedding, so you will probably invite only your closest friends. So, take it slowly and see the day when most of your guests can come, if not all.


Choose the location

You probably already have a favorite venue in your mind. If you dream of having an engagement party with your closest and dearest friends and your family, you should start planning it as early as possible. By doing this, you have more chances of finding your desired location or restaurant available, so you can book it as soon as you have the date of the event.


Provide entertainment

Regardless of the theme of your engagement party, whether you want to make room for dancing or you simply want to have music in the background, it is still vital you provide entertainment. This will create the proper atmosphere. Not to mention that, if you are using this opportunity to have everyone acquainted, music is an effective method of doing this.

If you hire a DJ for this occasion, you need to consider two main aspects. Firstly, take the time to meet with them and decide on a playlist. Secondly, make sure that they have DJ equipment insurance, so you don’t have to worry about an incident causing any damage to it. This way, you can rest assured someone else can cover the expenses.


Finalize the guest list and send invitations

Once you have set the date and chosen your location, it is of the utmost importance to finalize your guest list and send out the invitations. Besides, it is crucial you let people know in advance of the event and allow enough time for them to confirm. If the engagement party is planned on short notice, chances are some guests won’t be able to attend.