The 10 Best Charlie Sheen Action Movies

Let’s detail the various Action movie times that the once popular serious and comedic talent was actually winning!

10. Young Guns

A fun ensemble cast tackles this loose take on the ever-popular Billy the Kid myths while also allowing Charlie to co-star alongside his real-life brother Emilio. While Charlie had already been in all-star cast driven material like Red Dawn before, he def is the most serious here and pulls it off better here.

9. The Chase

In this outrageous satire, Charlie gets to be in a film that mocks unusual hostage crime dramas and the ratings-driven news media, all while avoiding authority pursuit via one fast car. He has solid chemistry with Kristy Swanson and gets to tackle both the exciting and hysterical portions all rather well.

8. Beyond the Law

While Charlie had done serious roles already, this is his first real gritty cop role that he gets to pull off with solid ease. Released on the hinges of other undercover/biker themed films like Point Break and Stone Cold, this film doesn’t outdo those flicks but it comes nearly close. With no particular style to hold it up, the film places its bet on making the material actually be believable in the scripting and dialogue departments. Charlie also plays well off of the other castmembers while giving one a look at the pain one endures while infiltrating gangs.

7. The Three Musketeers

Another all-star cast filled retelling of the popular Dumas swashbuckler, Charlie isn’t always as well-used as the other stars but does get to be straightforward serious and serve as the mentor to the fourth musketeer and lead the gang into victory. He also gets to be serious without being hammy or bland, just going with the flow, which is rather welcome.

6. The Rookie

In this cliche yet very testosterone-fueled cop thriller, Charlie’s title character is mentored by Clint Eastwood, the latter of whom is in the mood for a different kind of cop film as opposed to another Dirty Harry rehash. Charlie’s character grows throughout the tight pacing and the film’s final moments show how well both the character and actor himself have evolved by then.

5. Terminal Velocity

Part spy movie, part skyjumping adventure, this film overcomes derivativeness by giving solid attention to all areas. All of the stunts, mystery and plotting pays off, and Charlie finally gets to build on his signature quibbles and everyday man reaction face that he does in every film from here on to his various sitcoms.

4 & 3. Hot Shots films

From the Airplane! creators comes another winning spoof movie saga with the first outing lampooning Top Gun and the second entry detailing Rambo and much more! Seeing us believing as Hollywood rarely has the guts for such over-the-top spoof films anymore. And given how Charlie is just about comfortable in any movie, he’s able to get both the ridiculous lines and mock seriousness all while avoiding laughing at his own outrageous punchlines.

2. No Code of Conduct

Distributed for the DTV market and constantly shown on TV, this hip movie provides the easy-going Lethal Weapon/Tango & Cash style premise only with Charlie playing off of his real-life father Martin as his on-screen dad. By playing a family of cops going against criminals and bad cops, this film never loses either its appeal or level of fun. And by never dragging and being comfortable with its talent involved, it is a solid pay-off. Charlie also makes a solid buddy pairing with Mark Dacascos as well that is certainly worth seeing.

1. Platoon

Much like his father handled both the filming and lead character role in Apocalypse Now, Charlie brings to life the raw nerve, energy and divided angst that many felt during the Vietnam War. Not restricted to as much on-screen narration, Charlie does get to witness more inhumane war crimes while also providing lethal in the final end battle sequence. Another role where his character gets to evolve from beginning to end, Charlie proves victorious at everything asked of him in this film here.

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