The Biggest Gambling Blunders in the 4 Biggest Gambling Movies

Popular gambling movies are very entertaining, and that’s all they should be watched for. Here’s why you can’t master gambling by watching gambling movies.



You must have seen popular gambling movies like Casino Royale and Ocean’s 11.

The thrill and suspense make them one of the most entertaining movies of all time. But if you’ve been crossing gambling movies off your list for the sake of learning advanced strategies for your own casino games, then you’ll be disappointed to know that the characters in these movies often commit blunders big enough to exhaust people’s bankrolls if tried in real life.

Let’s look at a few movies that can’t be overlooked on the blunder radar.



Whether you’re a pro Blackjack player on a casino table or a casual one enjoying a free Blackjack game off of some Blackjack promotions, you know how important it is to learn card counting. But if you try to master it from the movie 21, you just might be disappointed.

While at the time of the release, many Blackjack players were hopeful of their own version of Rounders, the movie failed to deliver a riveting take on card counting in Blackjack because it focused too much on the drama between the characters. In conclusion, the movie commits a major blunder by giving very little screen time to exciting Blackjack action, and during which they do not show how the MIT students created advanced card counting strategies.


Ocean’s 11

This over-the-top casino heist flick stars megastars like George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, Andy Garcia, and Don Cheadle. Since the movie is all about exceeding realism and pulling off insane heists, you will have to suspend your disbelief to a point where even luck becomes unfathomable.

The movie shows too many “in the moment” scenarios that go the characters’ way, including situations they couldn’t have possibly planned for. Simply put, it is hard to believe that a major Las Vegas casino could fall prey to such an epic crime.



This 1998 film starring Matt Damon is not about the hero achieving massive feats in the world of poker, but how he struggles to get his friend out of debt and build his own bankroll to make a run at the WSOP.

However, this movie suffers from the same blunder as Casino Royale: the villain has a ridiculously obvious physical tell that the hero easily exploits. If real players have such a tell, they can never succeed as even amateur players can take advantage of them. Another scene that breaks the audience’s immersion is when Matt’s character correctly guesses the hands of every single player on his table early in the film.


Casino Royale

This is the first portrayal of the titular British spy played by Daniel Craig, and probably his best among the four that have followed since then. The major plot point of the movie takes place during a poker game when Bond and his villain Le Chiffre match wits and cards with millions of dollars on the line.

But the nail-biting scene fizzles out when both of them turn out to have monster hands, pushing them to go all-in and robbing the viewers of bluffing and strategy. The major deal-breaker for this movie is also the fact that Bond’s opponent has a physical tell so obvious he has to cover it up.

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