The Creator (2023) Review



A cinematographic stunner with John David Washington as a natural lead, The Creator is an epic sci-fi narrative that is thrilling until the end. Despite a few plot pieces that fall short, the film has a story concept and themes that are sure to speak volumes in this modern world.

Plot: Set in a dystopian future where the world has been greatly impacted by war between humans and artificial intelligence, ex-soldier Joshua is recruited to hunt down the Creator – the mysterious and untouchable architect of advanced A.I. who has the means to end the war for good.

Review: The Creator has been one of my most anticipated movies of the year, as it looked like a love letter to the kinds of movies many of us grew up watching – with hints of Terminator, Blade Runner and more.

During an IMAX preview a few weeks ago, I watched an interview with Gareth Edwards who discussed how the film was shot in real life locations and all the sci-fi was added afterwards. Knowing this, the visuals were stunning and near photo-realistic, which amplified how immersive it was as a viewer.

Joshua and Alfie (played by John David Washington and Madeleine Yuna Voyles respectively) have impeccable chemistry together; as a pair, they really brought forward the theme of humanity in an inhuman world. Washington is spectacular as a lead character, namely through the raw emotion and vulnerability he effortlessly demonstrates with a tragic background. In contrast, Voyles as the young Alfie is the epitome of innocence, with deep facial expressions that speak volumes.

In terms of action, there are regular practical explosions with shoot-outs while never losing any of the story’s heart. In fact, the film never loses a beat with how much conflict there was in almost every scene. The VFX were also particularly incredible, and it was fascinating seeing all the futuristic technologies, mainly war machines that were mercilessly put to use.

Despite how much A.I. is present in the film, it was hard to ignore the parallels of the Vietnam War and the ramifications that are still felt to this day. Here, the A.I. is not so much a commentary on our modern technology as you’d expect from the trailer, but more so an interpretation of A.I. being used to symbolize “the other” in war. Viewers can’t help but sympathize with the robots, especially when it’s the U.S. behind the big bad war machines.

Overall, The Creator is an original sci-fi epic and a must-see for the grand visuals alone. Although the plot was somewhat predictable in the end, the pacing and heart of the film never falters and leaves audiences with an immersive universe to ponder days after watching.


The Creator premieres exclusively in theatres September 29, 2023.