The Educational Role of Movies Nowadays

Movies are viewed as tools for entertainment. However, more teachers are using movies in classes at different levels. The transition comes with uncertainty, especially considering that movies are not designed like learning materials. Hire a pro to write my dissertation as you watch a few movies on the topics you are learning in class.


Interestingly, a lot of movies can be used for educational purposes. It is the tutor who determines the best movie for each topic or subject. Here are insights on how to use movies in education.

Telling history stories

History is one of the largest contributors to movie ideas. A lot of movies are based on the lives of people, past incidences, and the history of nations. While books capture details of past events sufficiently well, and sometimes in greater detail, movies deliver the stories better.

Historical events like world wars, first flight, moon landing, and such occurrences are best captured in movies. Movies can pick a specific detail and give it all the attention it requires to highlight what happened. The vivid description that takes place in movies makes them the preferred mode of communication.

Movies are more engaging than books or endless narrations. For instance, a description of an attack will not capture the imagination of listeners. However, an enactment of the same attack in a movie will be memorable and captivating. Students learn better about historical incidences through movies.

Demonstrating concepts

Movies are not just about stories. Movies created for education purposes offer a deeper understanding of particular concepts. Students will find it easier to understand the concept when it is presented as a movie.

Take the example of the first moon landing. You might spend all the time explaining the idea and the calculations or technology involved. A movie demonstrates the concept in a few minutes. It cuts the time required to deliver lessons on some of the most complex ideas in education.

Continued learning

Once a teacher delivers a lesson, students are required to continue revising. A student has the option of reading through other books, watching videos, or listening to lectures by other tutors. All these options help the student to continue learning beyond the end of the current lesson.

Continued learning is crucial in helping the student to understand the concepts being taught in class. It serves as a revision and will reduce the time taken to understand some of the most complex ideas. Instead of being stuck in the library for hours, a student would rather watch a 2hrs movie.

The vivid description in movies, the reenactment, and the action makes such lessons memorable. It also makes learning a creative process because the student is not tied to long prose and difficult grammar. A student is also learning more than what was taught in class through movies.

Boosting memory of ideas taught in class

The memory of a student is tested during homework, exams, and when he is required to implement the ideas taught. You enhance this memory using dynamic learning materials. Movies are more memorable through animated action, characters, and the entertainment aspect that goes into creating these movies.

Such memory is also inspiring. A student is nudged to look for more details about the subject. As a result, the student will understand the ideas taught better and repeat them when necessary. The movie will create a lasting impact in the mind of the student, better than reading endless books.

Making learning engaging

A teacher has a responsibility to make the class engaging. An engaging class is enjoyable for the student, resulting in better understanding. Using a movie creates a relaxed learning environment. Since movies are used for entertainment purposes, the student takes it seriously because it is learning and at the same time is eager to learn because it is entertaining. As a result of an engaging learning environment, the students will understand better, even the most complex ideas.

Movies serve more purposes than those outlined above. They can be used to inspire students through heroic acts or triumphant achievements of other people in history. It is up to the teacher to introduce the concept of movies in the right way so that it can benefit the students watching.