Three Most Popular TV Shows Returning In 2022

Despite being plagued with the Covid-19 pandemic and slow in production, 2021 still managed to produce some badass TV shows. In 2022, however, some shows will be making their return to the screen. Some TV series will be returning after two years due to Covid-19, which brings them to another level of being anticipated.

Below are some of the biggest returning shows to look forward to in 2022 curated from online casino usa.


The Umbrella Academy

A popular hit amongst Netflix’ shows, The Umbrella Academy will be making its return for the third instalment in 2022. Having premiered in 2019, the show went on to become one of the popular misfit superheroes shows running. Based on the popular comic book series My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way, the show follows the story of adopted siblings facing their past and a predicted apocalypse. Running for its third season, various questions have been raised regarding how the characters will be approached. It is one of the most anticipated TV shows in 2022.


The Mandalorian

Ever since it premiered, The Mandalorian has emerged to become of the most popular TV shows in the last five years. This popularity is not owed to Star Wars, but rather to the show itself as it’s unique and it brings forth a new life to the Star Wars franchise, which was all about Skywalker. The Mandalorian is a whole new show of its own, and while it’s created for all Star Wars fans, anybody can watch without having any knowledge of the franchise. The Mandalorian will be returning for its third season later in 2022, and it is highly anticipated especially now that Baby Yoda/Grogu could, potentially, be returning in season 3. This show will further expand the Star Wars franchise in more ways than one.


The Boys

The Boys premiered back in 2019 and it was an instant hit. It is one of the most popular superhero shows on Amazon Prime. The Boys is based on a comic written by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, which follows Vought International’s most popular superheroes called “The Seven.” However, these famous superheroes are not what they seem outside. The show follows Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) and Hughie Campbell Jr. (Jack Quaid) who seeks to uncover all the evils done by Vought and its superheroes. The Boys will be returning for its third season in 2022 after waiting for over a year and a half. Exciting news for the third season is Laurie Holden of The Walking Dead appearing in the show as Crimson Countess and Jensen Ackles of Supernatural taking up the role of Soldier Boy, who loves real money pokies for its poker games.


Honourable Mentions: Squid Game, Doom Patrol, Stranger Things and Bridgerton.