Top 10 Beneficial YouTube Channels on Education

The role of e-learning today is huge, and more and more students turn out for help of such a popular platform as YouTube. It provides public access to all significant information. Indeed, students often ask for more help online, “Can someone do my coursework for cheap?” because increasing knowledge for affordable price is very important for modern undergraduates. You can extract many interesting facts for your coursework from YouTube bloggers because they successfully share their experiences in various studying fields for free. Consequently, consider these ten beneficial YouTube channels to expand your horizons and inspire you for better college results. 


  1. Thomas Frank


This guy burst on YouTube on December 3rd, 2006, to keep you motivated during research, writing, and editing tasks. Thomas provides essential productivity tips that are ultimate for every student. For instance, he shares the top ten extensions for Google Chrome to study better or universal tips on enhancing any skill faster. Therefore, join the community of 2,27 million subscribers and find out how to stay inspired for study no matter what. 




Joined on March 27th, 2012, this channel lets all viewers think differently. They represent facts that can be insights not only for students but also for professors. A lot of content here is dedicated to kids teaching, where youth learn to take the initiative and represent unique skills and ideas in various studies. Watch science experiments, gain new knowledge, learn new tricks and impress everyone in class with your originality. Many series are based on specific disciplines such as Design for All, DIY Days, or BOOKD, where authors explore literature with a playful approach through other viewpoints, main ideas, and characters. 


  1. Easy Languages


If you have been dreaming about simplifying your language study, your dream can finally come true with this channel! With 1,07 million subscribers, you can level up your Dutch, Mandarin, Catalan, and other languages with ease. This channel makes every traveler happier since July 17th, 2006, so you can entrust their vast experience in learning a new language. Listen to the authentic street interviews and pay attention to how locals speak their native language. Subtitles in both languages (english and native) are provided so you will not get lost while studying. 


  1. Computerphile


Computing science students can now bite the piece of any programming subject effortlessly with one of the most powerful YouTube channels in this field. Mike shares interesting details with viewers on such topics as machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics, coding languages, cybersecurity, and others. If you are limited in time but need to expand your knowledge on a specific computing subject, you are always welcome to 1,95 million people who are crazy about the tech world and its updates. 


  1. Sick Science!


Welcome to a channel with outstanding science experiments which can reinforce your original ideas. Implement your thoughts into new essay topics by getting a practical explanation of each physical and chemical rule. The person who establishes this channel is widely recognized both in scholars and social media communities. Steve Spangler was one of the first scientists on YouTube who posts his video about the reaction of mentos dropped in diet coke. Later on, on June 14th, 2007, he created Sick Science! series to invite young explorers to answer many scientific questions independently. 


  1. TheBadAstronomer


This video source is a valuable invention for all who want to understand astronomy without difficulty. Here you will get answers to how the full day on Neptune looks like or what you can see during a lunar eclipse. You and 55,3 thousand subscribers can enhance your understanding of how the Universe works and what our place is in there. TheBadAstronomer provides a concise explanation to each short video, and some of them leave even without his voice. It is explained by full concentration on the visual part where a viewer can get information better without extra words. 


  1. SciShow


One of the most unique channels that post videos daily. Its authors prepare answers to your questions that you’ve never thought you are curious about. Get each day of the week full with quizzes on your pets, experiments you can do at home, historical victorinas, and many more. If you want to measure your knowledge on any subject, welcome to 6,7 million subscribers worldwide. Biology, healthcare, medicine, chemistry, physics, astronomy, computing science, and many more disciplines are explained with a uniquely funny approach.


  1. minutephysics


Telling complex things simply is the priceless prerogative of the minutephysics YouTube channel. Broke into the most prominent online video platform on June 20th, 2011, this channel gained 5,35 million followers worldwide. Its unique style of doodling and explaining the information simultaneously, brings crazy popularity among people who visually perceive facts. But be careful! Listening to the news from minutephysics for a week, you can turn into a genius.


  1. National Geographic


Speaking about educational YouTube content, it is probably impossible to omit this channel. Everything that National Geographic does for its viewers is done professionally and with a whole heart. It started as an American TV channel about the wild world on January 12th, 2001, and appeared on YouTube on May 7th, 2006. You can find meaningful programs here on biology, geography, technical disciplines, chemistry, physics, astronomy, and many other sciences to develop knowledge for your class. 


  1. Big Think


Working from October 1st, 2006, Big Think published the first video on YouTube that opened new doors to education in the 21st century. When you know what you want to know about science, you’d better find it on the Big Think channel. Science teaching monsters such as Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye fulfill various knowledge gaps. You don’t need to sit and note down everything for hours of lectures. Otherwise, you can listen for five-ten minutes and memorize big things with ease. 




With digital platforms such as YouTube, you can foster your studying productivity to a new level. Learn how to manage scientific subjects, write essays, analyze new information, and set new goals in a study with experienced scientific bloggers.