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Top 5 best action TV shows to stream for LGBT couples

Are you keen to connect with LGBT singles? Have you considered online dating? Here are some reasons why you should. Bi-curious individuals are twice as likely to be using these digital outlets. Most offer free registration. And there are handy app versions that can be easily downloaded, giving you access to friendly LGBT singles at any time. If you’ve ever asked the question, can I find amicable bisexuals near me, you must sign up for virtual dating. So what should you chat about? How about action TV shows ideal for LGBT dates? Here are five of the best examples to watch with a new partner.


The Flash

There’s nothing like a DC Comics superhero to appeal to any audience, especially LGBT couples. These shows are renowned for their inclusivity, and featuring storylines relevant to people of all gender identities. Starring US actor and singer Grant Gustin, the titular hero discovers his new powers after a laboratory accident exposes him to dangerous chemicals, giving him incredible speed. There are also many other strong male and female characters, perfect for bisexuals to appreciate.



This might seem like an unlikely subject for a hit TV series, but Atypical, focusing on 18-year-old Sam, who is autistic, ran for four acclaimed seasons. Earning critical and audience acclaim, the leading performances sizzle with chemistry and romance, with particular plaudits being given to Keir Gilchrist, Brigette Lundy-Paine and Fivel Stewart.


AJ and the Queen

What better way to engender empathy amongst LGBT viewers than presenting a storyline about the ups and downs of drag shows? There is something truly intriguing about watching these often larger than life performers as they daub themselves in fabulously over-the-top makeup, and even more arresting outfits. So kick back, share the popcorn tub, and enjoy this visual feast. If you’ve ever caught the legendary Drag Race Herstory, you’ll recognise contestants like Katya, Jinkx Monsoon, and Bianca Del Rio. You’ll also be in safe hands – the show is written and produced by Emmy-winner Michael Patrick King, famous for the iconic comedy Sex and the City.


American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace

Ryan Murphy, the producer of everything from Glee to American Horror Story, has produced a captivating drama based on the tragic murder of top Italian designer Versace (played by Edgar Ramirez). Darren Criss was singled out by critics for his portrayal of the troubled killer, Andrew Cunanan. There are also wonderful performances by Ricky Martin and Penelope Cruz, the former portraying Donatella Versace, and the latter, Gianni’s lover, Antonio D’Amico.


American Horror Story

We’ve already mentioned Ryan Murphy, so it seems only fair to conclude with his multi-award-winning drama, American Horror Story. First aired 11 years ago, the ensemble cast has delivered mesmerising scenes, in a diverse range of vivid settings (including an asylum, a witch coven, and a disturbing post-apocalyptic landscape). Kathy Bates, Evan Peters, Angela Bassett, and Emma Roberts have all starred in separate series, while iconic lesbian actress Sarah Paulson has regularly stolen scenes (on one memorable occasion, playing a two-headed woman in a ‘Freak Show.’ It might sound as if these dramas are nail-biting – which they are – but they’re so much more than that. There is much entertainment, but also comedy and pathos. Not to mention a lot of romance. If you’re planning a quiet night in front of the box with an LGBT partner, losing yourself to these escapist slices of hokum would make for the perfect romantic attachment. There’s only one note of caution – sometimes the gore effect is cranked up. You might find yourselves jumping into each other’s arms!