Top 6 Best Action Movie Ideas for a First Date

When you interact with a potential new partner on a dating platform, you can spend time building a rapport. Or you could suggest meeting up sooner rather than later. If you do decide there’s already enough chemistry for a get-together, how about enjoying a movie together? Even better, an action movie, crammed with exciting adventure and vibrant characters? Here are six of the most recommended features you could choose from according to internal poll that was conducted by review service.


Avengers Endgame

Superhero films are synonymous with action, their cast inevitably colorful, crammed with maverick character, feisty female fighters, and despicable villains. This particular example of the genre is full of fabulous special-effects, as the Avengers assemble to combat a renegade warlord responsible for destroying half the galaxy. Three hours will flood past in a torrent of fantastic fight sequences and plot twists.



Shot as one astounding long take, director Sam Mendes’ tribute to the young men so needlessly slaughtered during World War One’s insane trench stalemate is a cut above the average period film. The camera tracks the stoic courage of a British private (George MacKay), tasked with a treacherous mission across ‘No Mans Land’ to override an order to assault German positions that would end in catastrophe.



Ancient Rome never ceases to capture the imagination of moviegoers. The opening scenes, set during a bloodthirsty confrontation with Germanic tribes, are enough to set pulses racing. A once-powerful general Maximus (Russell Crowe) is forced to become a gladiator, where his mastery of hand-to-hand combat sees him earning iconic status in the ring. His rise to power draws the attention of sadistic Emperor Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix).



No first date would be complete without at least one film about 007. Skyfall is one of the most memorable outings in the James Bond franchise, bringing several loose ends from previous stories to a conclusion, still injecting the narrative with enough white-knuckled action sequences to satisfy your craving for adventure and thrills during your romantic evening. This contains everything we have grown to love the Bond films for – superb car chases, dastardly villains, explosions, sexual innuendos, and witty one-liners. Add the famous gadgets designed by Q and you have the perfect ingredients for a classic two hours of escapism – shaken not stirred!


Top Gun

A massive hit in the 1980s, spawning hit singles and propelling Tom Cruise’s career into the stratosphere, this Tony Scott-directed film is an adrenaline rush, overflowing with square-jawed testosterone, gung-go military duties, and a love story. The aerial sequences alone inspired a whole generation of teenagers to wish to emulate the intrepid fighter pilots performing the daring maneuvers. Cruise’s character, the aptly-nicknamed Maverick, is sent to the Naval Fighter Weapons School (the ‘Top Gun’ academy) to undergo a refresher course. Here he also has to combat the loss of a close friend and the fact he is falling for his civilian instructor Charlie (Kelly McGillis).


Iron Man

This is an ideal action movie because it has such a perfect blend of features and characterization. Firstly, Robert Downy Jnr is perfectly cast as the slightly unhinged madcap inventor who puts together an eccentric-looking contemporary suit of armor – that enables him to become a superhero. Initially exploited by terrorists who wish him to produce a deadly weapon for them, his invention allows him to turn the tables, ultimately refining his prized creation so that he can continue his one-man-crusade against terrorism and urban crime. This is perfect for a first date because it is equally enjoyable for non-superhero movie fans, with enough dazzling FX, witty banter, and charismatic cast members to keep you both captivated from start to finish.