Top 6 best action movies for LGBT couples

If you’re an LGBT single, how would you describe your interests? Are you looking for a boyfriend? A girlfriend? Or are you bi-curious? What about your hobbies? Do you love action movies? We’ve got a suggestion that will tick all of these boxes. Sign up to an LGBT dating site and indulge in bisexual chat. These platforms make it easy for newcomers to get introduced to a variety of potential partners. Secure communication channels are perfect for friendly conversation. By exchanging regular messages, you’ll soon develop a rapport. Discussing favorite action movies could be a terrific icebreaker before arranging dates. How about some inspiration to get you started! Here are six of the best action films recommended for LGBT couples.


Dune (2021)

Frank Herbert’s 1965 science-fiction tome is regarded as a landmark in science fiction. It portrays an alternative universe where rival family dynasties battle for control of an inhospitable desert planet, Arrakis. The reason? This is the source of the most valuable element in the universe – the spice that enables space travel. There have been unsatisfying attempts to bring this epic story to the silver screen before, but director Denis Villeneuve has created a tour-de-force perfect for any date night, with strong female characters.


DEBS (2004)

The acronym stands for discipline, energy, beauty, strength, and DEB is a clandestine academy for training spies to face a supervillain. Although this was something of a box office disaster, it has gone on to become a cult movie. There are plenty of madcap action scenes and queer action to provide the perfect entertainment for your LGBT date night!


The Lost City (2022)

Starring lesbian eye candy (Sandra Bullock) and Channing Tatum, the lost city is a marvellous action adventure that will propel you to exciting jungle landscapes on a search for ancient treasure. If you love swashbuckling adventures set in exotic climes, this would be the perfect viewing.


Moonfall (2022)

Working on the premise that LGBT couples can be just as immersed in mainstream cinema does anyone else, this science-fiction disaster movie will keep you on the edge of your seats. A prominent conspiracy theorist begins spreading rumours that the Moon is an artificial structure edging ever closer to the Earth. With amazing special effects starring the gorgeous Halle Berry, this will certainly leave a strong impression. You will be discussing this long after your LGBT date.


The Adam Project (2022)

Another science fiction movie, this is a marvellous adventure with another all-star cast. During your LGBT date night, you can marvel at Jennifer Garner playing a mother who is caught up in a timely-travelling experience. A pilot from the distant future, played by Ryan Reynolds, goes back in time to meet a younger version. Without giving away too many spoilers, the action unfolds at a dizzying pace, with various players trying to undermine the possibility of time travel for their own devices. This intriguing thriller zips back and forth through different storylines and is another title that will leave a strong impression.


G.I. Jane (1997)

This might seem an unusual choice compared to some of the more up-to-date titles mentioned. Nevertheless, it is a classic American drama starring the gorgeous Demi Moore as a shorn-haired soldier training to be a special forces operative (akin to the US Naval SEALS.) First released in 1997, this rocketed back into the headlines when it was referenced during an ill-advised ‘joke’ during the recent Oscar ceremony, resulting in Will Smith slapping the host Chris Rock! But aside from that distraction, this is a wonderful LGBT-friendly action movie, with Demi Moore symbolising female empowerment.