Aside from entertainment purposes, movies convey a lot of messages that require deep understanding. Some movies can help a student open their eyes to many things by touching their emotional sides. That is why most teachers use this type of media for educational purposes. Students must watch and analyze the characters, their actions, and morals they picked up while watching. If the movie’s goal is successful, the students’ lessons help them shape the person they are in the future. Movies can play a significant role in developing children’s behavior, and here are the best motivational movies of all time that should be on your recommended watch list.


1.   Good Will Hunting

This story is about a janitor named Will Hunting, who is a janitor in a school. One day a professor leaves a challenging problem for his class to solve. When everybody had gone home, and it was Will’s time to clean the classroom, he saw the problem and answered it with no problem. The following morning, the professor was astonished to find the problem solved and asked if his students did it. Later on, she found out that it was Will who solved the problem. Later on, Will became the student of the renowned professor and therapist who discovered his incredible genius. Through their therapy session, he helped re-evaluate his relationships, confront his traumatic past and help prepare for his future. This is one of the best inspirational movies on the list. There are a lot of lessons you can carry with you. Can someone write my psychology essay for this movie? If you haven’t watched this movie, you can go to, and they will help create a paper on this or any topic for your writing needs.

2.   The Social Network

The movie social network is about a Harvard student and a computer genius, Mark Zuckerberg. The story begins here where he develops a new concept of a global social network, a few years known as Facebook. This story shows his success and how he became the youngest billionaire ever. But behinds all this spotlight come situations that complicate his personal and working life, which involves two lawsuits from his former friend. At the end of the movie, his lawyer asked him to make amends on his own with his friend, or else this lawsuit will never stop back and forth. The movie’s post suggests that you can’t make a million friends without making a few enemies. This shows us that complications will always arise between close friends and our past actions and give birth to unexpected consequences if we are big-shots or ordinary people. This is one of the best motivational movies for students who are taking business courses. It can show them that being in the industry can make and break friendships.

3.   Dead Poets Society

If you are looking for motivational movies where you want your students to see that they can do anything as long as they work hard for it, Dead Poets Society is a must-watch film. This is a story about a teacher who works in an all-boys preparatory school with very high standards. He uses unconventional methods in his teaching and deals with his students who face a great deal of pressure from their parents. He helps his students break out of their shells and watch them pursue their dreams through his methods. This movie can also be used for students on the education track. It takes a good teacher to bring out the best in his students.

4.   Blind Side

This movie is about Michael Oher, a black teen who’s been in and out of school for years. Then a couple, Leigh Anne and Sean, took him in and later became his legal guardians. With their guidance, they help Michael reach his potential as a good student and a football player. This movie tells us that even when we come from a broken home, all it takes is love and devotion for an individual to grow and that family is the essential thing in the world.


5.   The Little Prince

The Little Prince is originally a book written by Antoine de Saint-Exupery; later on, it was adapted as a movie. It is about a pilot who has to make an emergency landing on the Sahara Desert and meet a young boy from another planet. Their friendship grew as they shared adventures throughout the solar system. The Little Prince teachers primarily see what’s within the surface to know the true meaning of things.

6.   Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump’s inspirational movies essay may be the most popular search if you are looking for a sample of motivational movies. Time and time again, teachers use this movie for reviews and reflections. Forrest is a slow-witted kid, but with the unending support of his mother, he lives a restricted life. Yet, with Forrest’s childlike optimism, he never looked at his situation as a disadvantage. The movie Forrest Gump shows that we appreciate life while you have it. And that the future is unexpected, and it may not turn out as we expected it to be.

7.   Freedom Writers

One of the best English inspirational movies is Freedom Writers. This movie is about a teacher in a racially challenged Los Angeles class. The class of teenagers seems to show signs of being incapable of learning. Instead of giving up, she required the class to keep a journal of their daily lives and inspire them to pursue their dreams. She takes an interest in her class to live to bring them on the right path. This movie shows us the importance of being a mentor or a teacher. A good teacher can change the lives of their students even if they are the most hard-headed group in the world. Sometimes, it is not just knowledge that students need but love and compassion.

These are the best motivational movies that apply to students of all ages. Many more movies are not included in this list, and you can check them out if you need to make a paper for reflections. Remember to pay attention to every detail and note the lesson worthy of being applied in your daily life.

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