Top Casino Movies to Watch this Year

Entertainment is an aspect people have always been in tune with since the old days. With modern technology highly upgraded over time, movies have been the most reliable source of entertainment for many people around the world. Casinos are places full of drama, and movies that display such drama provide suitable entertainment for individuals. From such movies, you can even learn certain tricks to use in real life casinos and online casinos like CasinoPilotti. They offer quality relaxation time to bond with your loved one as you also get quality entertainment. Below is an article with a comprehensive list of the top casino movies highly recommended this year.

Rain Man

The movie, Rain Man, made its debut in 1988 and claimed five awards since then. The movie’s plot rotates around the Babbitt brothers, with Dustin Hoffman playing an autistic guru who has an unbelievable ability when it comes to numbers. His ability with numbers helps him a lot in the Casino and creates one of the biggest Blackjack dramas ever witnessed. Barry Levinson was the prominent director and stars Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise. The film has received a lot of international praise, with up to eighty-nine per cent ratings.

The Sting

If you love poker, you will enjoy watching The Sting, which is also an International movie that captured the attention of many fans. Since it was released, the film managed to gather seven academy awards due to the quality and nature of acting and directing. In the movie, Paul Newman plays the role of a grafter, Henry Gondorrf, and features Robert Shaw, who plays the role of a greedy gangster, Doyle Lonnegan. The movie features a series of players who engage in a poker battle and involves intense casino drama and cheating in poker games. George Roy Hill, the director, had incredible talent that managed to earn movie ratings of up to ninety-four per cent.

The Cincinnati Kid

If you are thinking of taking your poker game to the next level, then The Cincinnati Kid is one of the best movies to watch at any time. The plot story of the film revolves around Eric, who is a gambler looking to make a name in poker. The movie was premiered back in 1965 and still manages to capture the attention of worldwide viewers up to date. The film emphasized the dangers of gambling and was directed by Norman Jewison, stars like Ann Margret, Steve McQueen and Edward Robinson. Like most popular movies around the world, the film also managed to get eighty-six per cent ratings from the people who watched the movie.

Twenty-One (21)

Based on the book by Ben Mezrich in 2003, Bringing Down The House, the movie 21 was released in the year 2008. The film focuses on MIT students who managed to create a fortune through counting cards in Las Vegas. The movie is reputable among many audiences as a movie full of high-octane drams and the truth. The film features stars like Laurence Fishburne, Kevin Spacey, and Jim Sturgess, directed by Robert Luketic. The movie has been viewed in many theatres worldwide and has received a lot of appreciation from many people.


Poker lovers have viewed the movie, Rounders to be one of the most outstanding movies in the history of casino movies. The movie’s storyline revolves around a law student named Mike McDermott, played by Matt Damon and highlights his dream of being the best at world poker series. The movie’s release in 1998 generated many casino lovers from all over the world and ratings of sixty-five per cent. John Dahl was the film director and featured Matt Damon and Edward Norton, part of the top-ranking Hollywood stars in modern times.

Casino Royale

One of the best casino movies to feature James Bond is Casino Royale, and it showcases Bond at his best. Making its debut in the year 2006, the movie was the first appearance of Daniel Craig as James bond. Though the movie’s focus is not on casinos, the central scenes feature casino games where James Bond showcases his talents as one of the best casino players the world has ever seen. Directed by Martin Campbell, the movie has earned total ratings of ninety-four per cent and high praise from worldwide viewership.

Ocean’s eleven

The movie Ocean’s eleven combines exciting stories from the beginning to the end. The movie achieved commercial and critical hits by combining a fantastic cast of actors, a compelling plot and a Las Vegas casino theme. Starring George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon, the movie was directed by Steven Soderbergh and received ratings of eighty-three per cent. It showcases the exciting lifestyle of casinos, heists and revenge.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

The movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas was based on the book by Hunter Thompson and featured excessive use of psychedelics and a journey to the city of Las Vegas. Featuring Johnny Depp as the leading actor, it was released in 1998 and also acquired a broad base of fans in all theatres the movie was showcased. Directed by Terry Gilliam, the film received quality ratings of fifty per cent and showcases the casino life of Las Vegas as it is.


One of the movies considered at the top of the list of casino movies is Casino. The movie highlights the casino life in Las Vegas around the sixties and seventies. Acted by Robert De Niro, known as Sam Rothstein in the film, the plot revolves around managing a casino business while dealing with the mafia and bureaucrats. The movie was directed by Martin Scorsese and has gathered a lot of viewership, especially from casino lovers with seventy-nine per cent ratings.


Movies are quality entertainment for people in their homes and provide quality time for bonding and sharing. Also, movies are educative, where they showcase people and their behaviour and how different types of individuals react under other circumstances. Watching casino movies will also provide lessons on handling different situations and events in the casino world. It is important to note that these casino movies will also provide the necessary entertainment for relaxation.