Top Gambling Movies on Netflix Worth Watching

Gambling movies must be hard to make. There is, after all, little action and a lot of speculating. Seasoned gamblers will tell you how difficult it is to make the sport look entertaining unless of course, you win some money. But gambling is not only about money. It is about a lot of guessing and calculated risks and free casino games without logging in.

There are some brilliant gambling movies that were produced, and which continue to impress movie buffs. Some of the top gambling movies that Netflix offers to its viewers are:


Eight Men Out – after all, match-fixing is pretty much up a gambler’s alley


There are several forms of gambling. Surprisingly, the more serious ones get played outside the casinos. Eight Men Out 1988 movie circles the famous baseball match-fixing scandal of the Chicago White Sox, where eight-team players deliberately underperformed to make more money from bettors, than they would have received an official salary. This is a true story and explores the dynamics and the lure of gambling, albeit in a different light to nowadays when people place their bets on Major League Baseball.


Hard Four – gambling can be deadly


Well, this is not strictly a gambling movie, but surely has its base in the game of craps. It is basically a comedy about the travails of the family of crazy craps player who expires bang in the middle of his game of craps.


Lay the Favourite – gambling and a bit of love


Starring Bruce Willis and Catherine-Zeta Jones, this movie is a love-triangle, surrounding the gambling passions of the male protagonist. The viewer gets to know of the various gambling nuances as Willis’ character teaches Rebecca Hall’s character. It is a light-hearted, mostly comic movie.


21 – If you’re a pro, you may still lose


Like every profession, gambling has its sharks. 21 is a fun movie about a group of MIT students led by a particularly vicious MIT professor taking the casino houses by storm by their card counting abilities. There are deeper storylines at play, but viewers get to see some slick moves at the table.


Who’s got the Action – a comic takes on the addiction


This 1962 moving starring Dean Martin is a comic take on the life of an addicted gambler, whose wife is frustrated enough to try all possible means to get him off the sport. Things, of course, take a turn for them. It isn’t exactly a gambling movie, but it fun to watch.


Rounders – the minnow takes all


One of the best gambling movies out there, Rounders chronicles the gambling life of Mike McDermott (played by Matt Damon). The movie is very well-made and shows both the ups and downs of a gambler’s life. There is a fairy-tale ending and overall, it is a nice movie to watch.


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