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What is the Best Device for IPTV?

Sometimes our TV interfaces can be slow because after some years the manufacturers will stop updating the built-in apps. This can be frustrating and leave you wondering if there is a better way to watch your favourite programmes.

An IPTV box delivers up-to-date and slick service without the need to replace the whole TV system. Having an IPTV system will give a new lease of life to your TV viewing. You’ll be able to enjoy Netflix and iPlayer whenever you want. Some years these new systems were out of the price range for most viewers, but things have changed and not an IPTV box is well within the reach of most viewers.

The question now, is what to look for in an IPTV box, and how to get the best for your money.

IPTV boxes come in two types, namely one that stands next to your TV and is powered by the mains, and the other which is plugged into the TV and uses power from the unit via a USB socket.

Both connect to the internet through wi-fi, but some also come with an Ethernet port. What you choose is a matter of what you prefer as they both do much the same thing.

Some IPTV devices only come with certain apps and services so you should be sure of what you want before you choose one. Most of them will stream Netflix although some will not stream Amazon Prime Video or Google movies.


Here are three IPTV devices that you may want to look at.

Amazon Fire Stick with Alexa Voice remote

This stick streams Netflix as well as a huge range of other apps. You can also download Kodi which gives you pretty much all the entertainment you will need. The standard stick streams in 1080 but you can upgrade for an extra £10 to the 4K model which comes with HDR support. You’ll find that both models come with Alexa voice remote. The remote controller comes with volume and power buttons and can also be used with an Echo speaker if you want to control the stick this way.

As long as you are not desperate to have Sky and Google streaming services you will have all you need on this stick.

Netgem NetBox HD

This little gadget provides more than your average IPTV. You can stream as well as catch up with the built-in play tuner. It is easy to switch between the regular EPG and the Netflix style of viewing so you can always catch up on shows you’ve missed. It’s easy to watch last weeks movies while looking at another on the same screen as there is no need to launch a different app.

While this IPTV box offers you Amazon Prime Video and Ratuken TV, YouTube and all major UK catch-up services, you will find that it does not support Google Play Movies and TV or NowTV. Neither does it support Netflix. If you can do without these, then this box will work for you.

Apple TV 4K


This box is slimmer and tidier than Google or Amazon, and just as easy to use. Because it runs on A10X Fusion chip it has the power to stream 4K tv and movies. The sound on this is amazing with Dolby Atmos.

The voice commands here are through Siri which works very well. There is a huge library of iOS games and apps should you want to listen to music. You can even view your photos on the TV.

This IPTV box is a little more expensive than some others, but it delivers exactly what you would want, supporting Apple TV, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Amazon Prime Video, Now TV, All 4 and Plex.


To sum up

With the state of technology these days there is no reason why you should not enjoy everything you like on your TV set even if it is a few years old. With an IPTV box you will be able to watch live programmes as well as catch up on those you missed last week.