Why Do Action Movies Love Epic Gambling Scenes

Watching films is definitely one of the best ways to be entertained to help yourself break out from this world for a time being. Whether you’re having a movie night so you can let off some steam or you’re just an avid fan of artistic expressionism, hours you spend in the cinema or your own home’s entertainment area is definitely worth it, especially when the film is good.

Speaking of good movies, have you noticed that most movies in the same genres always have something in common? For example, heavy drama films usually use rain as a symbolism for the heavy feelings of the characters. The same thing with action movies, it’s clear that filmmakers have a common love for gambling scenes in this genre.

But why is that so? Let’s find out as we unveil the reasons why action movies love epic gambling scenes.

Popular culture

It can be highlighted how gambling is being portrayed in pop culture, the reason why casino scenes are typically used in action movies here and there.

Needless to say, casinos are no longer taboo in recent years and have become part (as it is) of the entertainment industry. That’s why when a scene depicting people’s way of leisure is needed, especially among adults who are usually the market for action movies, it’s easier for writers and filmmakers to insert gambling scenes.

Not only gambling scenes can fit into any narrative, but it also easily depicts a good and bad side of things – as in protagonist and antagonist.

The use of pop culture many people can relate to is definitely a smooth way for filmmakers to show realism to their works. While films and TV shows are commonly fictional worlds, any reference from pop culture would really hit home.

A good metaphor

As you may know, scenes in films are usually injected with artistic references from the real world it portrays to a deeper meaning of things. While most of us see it as it is, film critics would usually seek symbolism where they can compare it with.

That’s why it’s very ideal to throw gambling scenes in action films as it tells you more things than the actual game. As with many songs about gambling, movies with gambling scenes usually talk about risks you make in life, how odds may or may not be in your favor, and how you’ll have to play for you to win. While those are the common metaphors gambling is usually used for, other films also refer to society and the contrast between rich and poor, the good and evil, and the weak and strong.

To find a good metaphor? Gambling will save the day.

It’s usually part of the storyline

Of course, scenes won’t make it to the film if they are not part of the storyline. For action movies, stories related to gambling usually hit the box office.

It’s a common narrative among action films to have mafia bosses or big-time drug lords, criminals and syndicates, or any people doing illegal things – and guess what, gambling is portrayed as these kinds of people’s favorite entertainment.

However, although not always, the portrayal of gambling most of the time can be negative. Many films still misrepresent and miscommunicate gambling to their audience.

Cool and exciting

From spy movies like the James Bond films or the zombie heist film like Army of the Dead, what spices up a film is an exciting story and cool characters. Films like the two that are predominantly filmed in casinos have some kind of a positive impact on the audience. These types of films appeal to a vast audience as they offer something to look forward to in the film.

Whether the character is an attractive good looking man or a team of zombie killers, it’s probably cooler if it’s set in a casino or online at rosecasinos.net, especially if the story revolves around money, vices, and beautiful men and women.

They sell

As previously mentioned, epic gambling scenes in action movies serve the pop culture and thereby appeal to the audience. That’s enough reason for the filmmakers to invest in this setup and take advantage of its popularity.

It’s been proven and tested through the years that not only gambling scenes sell to the public, but also the films that are narrated entirely about gambling. Countless films about gambling have already been made and people’s acceptance of such films are still overwhelming.

Molly’s Game, Ocean’s Eleven, and The Cooler are just some of the best films about gambling, based on reviews from various websites online.

Gambling, even though some people have negative thoughts about it, can indeed be considered one of the best forms of entertainment. Gambling itself is already amusing, more so if it’s becoming a concept for another form of entertainment – the film. It’s a double-kill for gambling over there!