Why It Is Worth Watching The Film “Gambler”

You probably have heard for a movie caller Gambler. It was filmed in 2014 and it is one of the very popular movies even today. For some, this is one of the best films so you may want to check it out and see why this is the case. It features great actors and has an interesting plot. Why you should watch the movie? Let’s find out.

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The Plot

The movie was directed by Rupert Wyatt and it is actually a remake of the movie with the same name from 1973. These movies are common these days and you would be surprised how many creations are actually remakes rather than standalone movies. The main actor in the movie is Mark Wahlberg. He plays Jim Bennet, a person who is a literature professor during the day and a gambler at night. He plays at an underground casino and losses everything. This place is designed to take all from players.

His actions can help gamblers gamble more responsibly. If you are looking for a casino, make sure to check out Casinosterson which is an advanced and well-developed review site, and find the casino that suits you the best. Here you can find safe casinos and also 10 dollar minimum deposit casino sites that are very popular at the moment. These are sites that allow you to deposit only $10, get a bonus, and play. You can play all the games with a very low investment.

The goal is not to make the same mistake as Jim. You can pick a safe and reputable casino to play all the games and you can learn how to play responsibly which is mandatory these days. Gambling should be fun and safe at the same time and not something that will destroy you like Jim in the movie we have here.

Further Complications

In the movie Gambler, Jim will borrow money from his mother. This is not bad and usually is harmless. But, what is bad is the fact he borrows the money from a loan shark as well. This is where things get complicated and severe. Jim is hoping that he will win the jackpot and he will make a lot of money, which would help him give the money back. Actually, he will fail to do this due to one thing.

The main goal of the main character is not to win all, but to lose it all. This is one of a kind, the plot in these movies so you definitely want to check it out and see how he will do this. All we can say is that he is in self-destructive behavior and losing money in an underground casino is the best way to do it. Gambler is a drama and we all know what this means.

We will reveal one unknown fact more. Jim looks and acts like a professional gambler. But, if you take a deep look into his gambling skills and actions, you will see that he is betting randomly and there is no strategy of any kind. This is not the case in the real world. Professional gamblers who play Roulette, poker, or even slots have been using different strategies that can help them maximize the winnings and decrease the losses.  As such, we can deduce that Jim is not a professional gambler and his mission is simple. He doesn’t play to win. This makes the movie one of a kind and there are no similar themes, plots, or anything matching in any other movie related to gambling in any way.


Should you watch the movie Gambler? The answer is yes. It features the best thriller and the most unique plot you can ever see. The actors are all stunning celebrities who can make the plot even better. Add the fact the movie is well-filmed and you can learn a lot, including how not to gamble and make mistakes and we can see why all players should watch the movie. You will have fun and you will enjoy it.


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Meta Description: Take a few hours of your time and watch the movie Gambler. It is a masterpiece that is ideal for all gamblers and will put a smile on your face. Great actors is another advantage here.