John (Steven Seagal) is sent in to recover a stolen Stealth Bomber. His trusty sidekick Rojar (Alki David) and ever faithful Jessica (Ciera Payton) fight the rebel forces of Banansistan (a.k.a. Fake-stan), led by the vivacious Ellianna (Katie Jones).

For a straight to video production, Flight of Fury is an epic, well made action picture. The high stakes are well established and there’s a healthy amount of locations and scenarios that make the action seem epic and spread out. Seagal is good as John Sands, a former pilot sent to bring back a nuclear-armed stealth bomber from terrorists, but his team mates Rojar and Jessica are pretty awesome too. While Seagal’s fighting looks a tad haggard, he’s still powerful looking and drops guys as quick as he always has.

There’s lots of military action, automatic weapons and explosions including a run-and-gun as Rojar mows down enemies with automatic fire while driving a jeep, and a pretty cool aerial dog fight between the stealth bomber and a jet toward the end of the movie. There’s even a little nudity and lesbian action as the main villain Ellianna seduces Jessica in one scene. Unfortunately, a lot of the acting is terribly wooden. Joyous and dire moments are utterly lost on most of the characters as the actors portraying them fumble through scenes with blank facial expressions.

I wasn’t expecting much from Flight of Fury, so I was pleasantly surprised by the decent plot, cool characters and amount of action. A decent Seagal home video actioner with plenty of surprises.

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