Plot: A drifting gunslinger-for-hire finds himself in the middle of an ongoing war between the Irish and Italian mafia in a Prohibition era ghost town.

Review: Last Man Standing is one of Bruce Willis’ best films.  He has rarely been cooler, except maybe in The Last Boy Scout & Die Hard. He’s certainly a match for Clint Eastwood’s Man With No Name from the “Dollars Trilogy” (of which this is a remake).

Directed by the legendary Walter Hill, Last Man Standing tells the tale of John Smith, a drifter who drives into a “jerkwater” desert town in the middle of a gang feud. He decides to play the two sides against each other for financial gain but things do not go as planned.

What transpires are some of the best shoot-outs you’ll ever see, crisp dialogue and one of the best action movie scores of all time by Ry Cooder.

It’s actually one of my all time favourite movies and I can’t praise it enough; I’ve always had a thing for the desert, especially movies set there. The way the sunsets look in this film just make me want to jump in a car and head on down to the ass-end of nowhere.

Anyway, you can never go wrong with Christopher Walken and (Hill favourite) Bruce Dern who both have major roles. Walken is Hickey, the psychopath who burns down orphanages in his spare time and Dern plays the Sheriff who’s equally as corrupt as the gangs but may still have good left in him.

The opening scene also has one Patrick Kilpatrick (Death Warrant) who doesn’t have a huge part as he rapidly gets (literally) blown across the street by Smith.

The action itself is mostly gunplay which is just fine by me; every gun has pretty much endless bullets and it’s so incredibly stylish and slick that you’ll be glued from beginning to end.

Overall, Last Man Standing is well paced, beautifully shot and can be watched on repeat viewings. I picked up the Blu-ray double pack with The Last Boy Scout recently, so both are pretty much essential to any action fan’s catalogue.

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